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Saturday, September 12, 2015

A Heart's Home by Colleen Coble Book Review

Book Description

This Christmas, a tragic loss at Fort Laramie ushers in hope and healing.
When a young mother dies after giving birth at Fort Laramie, Emmie Croftner is shaken by the death of her dear friend-and reminded of the dangers of childbirth. She won't be able to hide her own pregnancy much longer. She's dreading the day that Isaac Liddle, the handsome soldier she adores, discovers her secret.
Then the young infant's father offers a solution: Emmie should marry him so the child can have a family.
With the Sioux Wars threatening soldier and civilian alike, a ready-made family could be the answer to Emmie's prayers for safety. But at what cost to her heart-and Isaac's?   

My review;

This is Part 6 of the Journey of The Heart series by Colleen Coble. In this part of the story Emmie can no longer hide the fact that she is pregnant. Isaac Liddle wants to marry her. Then Emmie is asked by another man to asks her to marry him and help take care of his baby like she promised his wife who has died. Should Emmie help others, and ruin her own life? This was a very interesting story and I really enjoyed it. I have liked all of the books that I have read by this author. The only problem I have is that I am the kind of reader that likes to read a book all at the same time. I do not like to have to wait until another part comes out. It also ends up being quite expensive. My thoughts have nothing to do with the story or the author, it is just the way I feel about serial books. I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book for a review ad these opinions are all mine.

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