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Wednesday, December 23, 2020

Very hard to get over a broken rib

 This has not been easy. The last few weeks have been one thing after another. I never thought that It would be so hard to empty out a house . It is e enough harder when you call and break a rib and it is wintertime.It is finally starting to feel a little better and then I will be back to important things that I have to do. I hope that everyone is staying safe and you have a great holiday.

Monday, September 28, 2020


 I never realized , and I guess no one really does, how much stuff they really have. It seems as if I am fighting an uphill battle everyday.  No matter what room I plan to work on, no matter what box I want to go through and soft I get sidetracked. Over 40 years in  a housd, 4 children, 3 grandchildren later a lot is saved for tons of reasons. They are all important. The problem I have is a little different than others. My husband Bruce passed away 10 years ago. I never really went through his things. Looking back I should have done this already. Oh well, I will just have to keep working at it. Getting a little more done each day. So here I go, wish me luck. 

Sunday, August 23, 2020

Time to Move Forward

 Yesterday was a long, long day one of many more I am sure. It is so hard to go through things that you have not thought about for years. After my husband passed away I tried a little at a time to go through his things. Now, it is something I cannot put off any longer. I have finally set my plan in motion . My children have been very helpful. I will be moving in with ,Mommy, Sissy, Bobo and Daddy. The really weird part is that I am moving back to the town I grew up in. I have for years told the kids  when we drove around this is where I went to school, this was our library, this is where I had my Girl Scout meetings. I really will miss my almost former town where we raised our family. I have lots of memories. I do not know what the future holds but, I am sure that anyone who knows me knows how much I love politics something I learned at a young age. Time will tell. 

Saturday, August 22, 2020

A new chapter begins

 I am in the process of trying to stay safe. I have been staying with Mommy , Daddy, Bobo and Sissy. I have been thinking and thinking about what and when it if ever things will get back to normal. I have not posted as much as I used to. I have decided that I will be moving and starting the long path of what does one do with all of the memories and all of the things that have been collected over years and years. I have never sold a house before so I guess it will be a new adventure. Let's see what tomorrow brings. Nana 

Thursday, July 16, 2020

Where are we today,?

So, here we are no different than we were months  ago. Same concerns , same questions still the same doubts. It seems as if every time we believe things might be getting a, little better, they just get pushed back. I believe that part of the problem is that some people just don't get it or want to accept what is going on. They seem to be in denial, more and more everyday. This is my personal ideas on this. When the doctors stop doing virtual visits, when the doctors are not dressed like they are all biohazard workers, I will believe that we are going in the right direction. After all they are the ones who we rely on to give us good advice.

Tuesday, June 30, 2020

My opinion on school in September

Maybe it is just me but I am so concerned that some people do not believe that we have a pandemic going on right now. It is not that hard to understand that this is very hard to explain to our children but it is important that we do. It is our job to keep them safe.I believe that our children are our future and I do not believe it is safe for them to return to school in the fall. I know that some will disagree with my opinion but that's ok. We are all entitled to make our own decisions.

Thursday, June 11, 2020

We are hoping that everyone is staying safe

I have not been able to blog lately because I have been doing what Nana's do the best. I have been trying to keep busy helping my grandchildren . We have planted a garden. We have been baking and cooking every meal ourselves. Nana, Mommy & Sissy have not been going shopping something we really miss.I am very afraid for the children and adults who are going back to school and work. I have to hope that they keep themselves as safe as they can. I am sad to say that I don't think we are out of the woods yet. I am hoping that I will be able to start posting a lot more Love Nana

Sunday, May 10, 2020

The Rise of Orion Series by J.M. Davies Book Tour & Giveaway

Becoming the Witch 
Prequel to the Rise of Orion Series 
by J.M. Davies 
Genre: Paranormal Romance 

This is the Haunting and evocative prequel to The Rise of Orion series.

As Miss Elizabeth Marshfield, I’ve never had a choice. My marriage to Sir Charles Dempsey is arranged. Love plays no role in this, but my sizable dowry does. On my eighteenth birthday, as I promise to honor and obey, eerie voices unlock a curse and an ancient magic I didn’t know I possessed, and they won’t rest until I answer them.
My husband suspects I ‘m mad—and mad, I may well be. But this cold-hearted brute cares naught for me as his mistress warms his bed.

I don’t know who I am anymore. Even the blacksmith, Barnaby, can’t disguise his contempt, despite saving me from a fall from my horse. So why does this insolent man affect me so? He reveals he’s a Roma called Raven, and the birthmark of the moon I have branded on my wrist proves I’m entwined in his destiny. Even talking with him could mean the hangman. But my heart has spoken, and I know nothing will ever be the same.

For once—I will choose my fate, even if it leads to a noose around my neck.

WARNING: There are graphic scenes that some people may find disturbing. Not for the faint of heart! 

**Get it FREE!!** 

Capturing the Last Welsh Witch 
The Rise of Orion Book 1 

Ella Masters’s soul is five hundred years old and in each life, she has been fatally betrayed by men. This is her fifth and final life, and legend says she must meet her true love or this time death is eternal. Wanted for the murder of her latest boyfriend and on the run from the FBI, as well as the ruthless group the Elusti, it doesn’t bode well for any would-be suitors.

Marcus Drayton has a sixth sense when it comes to knowing people, which has helped in his career as a special agent for the FBI, as well as his previous stint as a Navy SEAL. His latest assignment is to deliver Ella Masters, the Witch, which will give him the prized promotion in New York. After he meets the mysterious Ella, and realizes the Elusti are involved, the ghosts of his past force him to seek the truth, making every one he loves a target.

As she runs for her life and freedom, Ella needs to discover whether Marcus is the warrior she needs. And can she trust him with her heart and soul before it’s too late? 

Book Trailer

The Witch's Heart 
The Rise of Orion Book 2 

The seductive and gripping second book in The Rise of Orion paranormal series

Ella Masters knew being married to alpha-male Marcus Drayton wouldn’t be easy. Now, she’s pregnant with his child; his protective nature is on overkill, leaving her frustrated as he ventures on one dangerous mission after another—without her.

However, the sinister professor and the nefarious Elusti remain at large, and she’s tormented about the future of her unborn child.

Stubborn, ex-navy SEAL, Marcus refuses to forgo his mission with the security team Orion as he is determined to put their enemies in the ground and remove the threat to his family forever. But when a mission involves an ex-lover, the carefully orchestrated plan goes to hell.

Ella realizes that destiny lurks in the darkness—waiting.

When the Elusti strike, Ella and Marcus are ripped apart by tragedy each blaming the other, but united on reclaiming what has been taken from them.

Will their love survive? Will they find a way to defeat their enemies once and for all? 

Book Trailer 

Revenge of the Witch 
The Rise of Orion Book 3 

Throughout her many lives, soul-shifter Ella Masters has been betrayed by men, and hunted by the Elusti, but that changed the day she met her soul-mate Marcus. However, when Zephra, a witch, predicts the end of days, it brings her maternity leave to an abrupt halt. Working as an agent at Orion, Ella vows to destroy her adversary once and for all.

Temporary leader of the private security firm, Marcus Drayton, has a mission to prevent all-out war. Attempting to forge an alliance between the humans and the supernatural races looks unlikely as the body count continues to sweep over the East Coast, and on the home front. As the stakes increase, lives are forever changed, and a need to confess a dark secret to his wife haunts him.

When Ella unravels a mystery—her world implodes. And when the true identity of the enemy is revealed—she learns revenge is a poison that ruptures the heart and devours the soul.

Will her love for Marcus survive when destiny calls? 

Book Trailer 

Destiny of the Witch 
The Rise of Orion Book 4 

In the thrilling climax of the Rise of Orion series, the stakes are higher than ever before as Ella Masters risks everything to fulfill her destiny.

As the last Welsh witch and soul-shifter, she has battled many enemies, but none as malevolent as the Morrigan. The devious goddess is determined to destroy not only her, but mankind as well. Betrayed by her lover Marcus Drayton, an agent for the security team Orion, and facing impossible odds Ella must find the strength to fight her deadly adversary—alone.

Marcus is desperate to save Ella. In a daring and calculated move, he surrenders himself to the Morrigan to prevent his soulmate from clashing swords with the harbinger of death. But has he underestimated what’s at play? When the seductive goddess, manipulates him—her true agenda in this twisted game is revealed.

With the world a battlefield and the very balance of nature under threat, will Ella and Marcus defeat their foes? Will destiny keep them together or tear them apart?

What Amazon reviewers are saying about the series..."This was a very original story and was very well written. The characters were well detailed and believable. The pace was excellent and didn't drag on at all. It was very hard to put down. If you enjoy fast paced paranormal stories that will keep you on the edge of your seat, then this is the series for you! The Rise of the Orion Series is truly outstanding!" 

Multi-genre author, J.M.Davies, Jen, is originally from Wales in the UK, but she now resides with her family, one cat called Kitkat and a rescue hound called Ella in a small-town north of Boston.

She is a former nurse/midwife, who loves reading, and bringing people together. Since she could read, Jen has enjoyed an eclectic taste in books, but loves all thing's romance, and from her love of the written word stemmed the desire to create her own satisfying stories. Although, a shortie at only five feet tall, she has a big heart and hopes that is evident in her storytelling.

Her debut adult paranormal novel, Capturing the Last Welsh Witch, (book 1 in The Rise of Orion Series) was published in 2015, and it was created out of her fascination with witches in Wales and New England. Mix that together with her love for mystery and romance then enter the magical world of The Rise of Orion series.

She is often inspired by her surroundings and chooses setting for her novels based on her many travels and adventures. `All her books are available worldwide in Ebook and print format.

She also manages a romance only book club called Babes with Books. The group meets once a month to discuss the story and chat with the author.

More recently, she has become a chairperson for the Fall in Love with New England Conference organizing the book signing. 

$15 Amazon Gift Card 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Pamela Ackerson's Anthology Freebie Blitz & Giveaway

Wounded Heroes Anthology 
Genre: Contemporary Military Romance 
with stories by 
Pamela Ackerson, Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, Nia Farell 

Five Degrees of heartwarming to melting stories ─ Five stand-alone love stories with swoon-worthy heroes that will leave you breathless from award-winning International, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling authors Pamela Ackerson, Debra Parmley, Teri Riggs, Maggie Adams, and Nia Farrell. 

* A Rosa for Russell ~ Who in their right mind falls in love with the enemy? 

** Two Step, New Steps ~ Wounded cop Len Yardley doesn’t expect to find love while he’s healing from a gunshot wound but the air force veteran can’t help falling for perky Leanne Bobbin who brings out his protective instincts and makes him laugh. 

*** Bringing Her Home ~ Can Thomas Raintree bring home the woman he loves, but had to leave behind? 

**** As Time Goes By ~ Blake’s determined to find out who killed his best friend, and his widow holds the key ...not only to the murder, but also to Blake’s heart. 

***** Fallen ~ An Army chaplain priest’s faith is tested when he falls for his PTSD therapist. 

**Only .99 cents!!** 

I Was Just a Radioman 
by Pamela Ackerson 
Genre: Memoir 

Their hearts were strong, and their courage endless.

Pearl Harbor survivor, Black Cat radioman, and decorated WW 2 veteran. ARM H. P. Lawrence, tells the true story of the fight against the Japanese in this compilation of his memoirs.

One of only a handful of non-Native American code-talkers, H. P. Lawrence became a member of an elite fighting force, the Black Cats. Flying in their nocturnal missions, the Cats claws were sharp and their aim deadly.

From devastation to victory, the story of these brave men−the deadly, mysterious, and illusive Black Cats is a journey into the past where nightmares came true and hatred reigned. A time in history we should never, ever forget.

The day which will live in infamy…was just the beginning.

Grab your copy today. 

**Get it FREE April 9th & 10th !!** 

Garrett's Ghost 
by Pamela Ackerson 
Genre: Time Travel Western 

What's a time traveling Texas Ranger supposed to do?

Garrett Houston is being harassed by a ghost. Trouble is brewing and her name is Margarite. She's an unrelenting force determined to get his attention. It may be too late for her, but if she could get him to listen, she may be able to save some lives.

A story of unrequited love, the power of healing, and the embracing need to never give up. Unforgettable moments and unforgettable characters will tug at the heartstrings with a myriad of emotions.

Garrett's Ghost is a touching story brimming with down-home Texas charm. 

**Get it FREE April 16th & 17th !!** 

Across the Wilderness 
The Wilderness Series Book 1 
by Pamela Ackerson 
Genre: Time Travel Western 

Stories that stir within us the unquenchable hope for a better tomorrow.

Pamela Ackerson delivers all the passion that fans of this Native American, historical, time travel series have come to love. With unforgettable characters, she has enchanted readers with adventure and love that has spanned across the essence of time.

This is the story that started it all, introducing the Wilderness time travel series, a timeless, spellbinding novel of passion and richly detailed history that delightfully comes alive in an exhilarating adventure with a love story that spans across the ages.

The mysterious dreams had become a reality. Traveling through time, Dr. Karen Anderson found herself in the land of the Lakota, in the midst of the Indian wars, and the movement west. Swept into the arms of the dark-haired warrior, Standing Deer, from her modern-day hustle and bustle to the temporary serenity of life on the Plains...over the span of time, they fight for yesterday and together find the promise of tomorrow. 

**Get it FREE April 23rd & 24th !!** 

The Gingerbread House 
The PI Time Travel Series 
by Pamela Ackerson 
Genre: Time Travel Romance 

Falling in love was not on her to-do list.

Left in debt after the tragic death of her husband, Tricia Adams struggled to keep a roof over her family's heads. With the help of the Grandmothers Four, she’d finally gotten everything under control.She was happy and more comfortable than she’d been in years. When Carol’s son, Eric Elliott, agreed to help renovate the guest house, mysterious and things began to happen. The dashing and handsome man held a bowl full of secrets, and she was going to get to the bottom of it.What could possibly go wrong?

The PI series books are all stand-alone. Grab your copy today. 

**Get it FREE April 30th & May 1st !!** 

Into the Wilderness 
The Wilderness Series Book 2 
by Pamela Ackerson 
Genre: Time Travel Western 

The time-travel saga continues with book 2.

A magnificent timeless adventure that tugs at the heart, weighs the soul, and measures the human strength and spirit. The Wilderness time travel series continues with this historically detailed story of love, war, and fantastic adventure.

Dr. Karen Anderson returns to the past, to the Lakota and her life with Standing Deer. The Little Big Horn Battle – Custer’s Last Stand looms, ending a lifestyle the People have always known. Over the span of time, they fight for freedom and the promise of tomorrow. 

**Get it FREE May 7th & 8th !!** 

Pamela Ackerson’s storytelling all began with her younger brother, creating wonderful children’s stories on vacation trips to keep him occupied. Later, she started writing poems and short stories as a teen. 

Born and raised in Newport, RI where history is a way of life, Pam lives on the Space Coast of Florida where you are encourage to reach for the stars. She’s just a hop, skip, and jump from Orlando and Disney World, where imagination and fantasy abounds. She has three children, all girls, three grandchildren, and a wonderful husband who puts up with her writer quirks. 

Pam may have majored in child psychology with a minor in English, but her distinguished choice of careers never made fruition. Instead, life led her to working in restaurants, interior decorating, owning an advertising business, content editor for a publishing house, teaching and owning a ballroom dance studio, and real estate investments. She is a practicing herbalist and has been involved in the use of natural treatment with raw herbs for over thirty years. As her day job, she currently works as the V.P. of Marketing and Advertising for the book review magazine, Affaire de Coeur. 

$10 Amazon – 3 winners! 

Follow the tour HERE for special content and a giveaway!

Saturday, May 9, 2020

Should Children Go To Back to School

So here I am reading about parents actually moaning and groaning that most schools are closed for the rest of the year Are they serious? How and why would anyone out their own children in danger of any kind? All of them cute different studies, different ideas as what is really happening. Should we scrub our food,should we wear a mask. To me all the answers are just someone's opinion. No one really knows for sure. No one is perfect . It is not worth one child's s life. It is not worth anyone's life. The first obligation we have as parents, grandparents and caregivers is to keep children safe. That is our first and most important role in life. And if you don't agree than I feel really sorry for you.

Sunday, April 26, 2020

Life, A Bit More? by Andrew Thomas Elder Virtual Elder & Giveaway

Life, A Bit More?

Andrew Thomas Elder

Genre: Self-Help/Motivational/Inspirational

Writers Republic LLC
Date of Publication:  October 4, 2019
Paperback - 9781646200740
Hardback -  9781646200764
Ebook -  9781646200757
Number of pages: 118 pages
Word Count: 8,698 words

Book Description:

Andrew Elder would not let his tragedy get him down. Instead, letting his experience be an inspiration to others not to lose hope and faith and love for one’s self and to keep that peace of mind that somewhere in people’s tragedies, there’s God that’s ready lift one up when the going gets the toughest.

Andrew’s book of inspirational nuggets, Life, a Bit More? is even more proof of God’s graciousness when He uses people like Andrew to spread his love.

About the Author:

Andrew is a regular guy who had to relearn life as a double amputee at nineteen years of age! He hopes to inspire you with topics that he has, and he is learning about life and a bit more.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Witch Tease by Cindy Keen Reynders Virtual Book Tour

Witch Tease
Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan
Book Three
Cindy Keen Reynders

Genre: Paranormal Romance

Publisher: Solstice Publishing
Date of Publication: December 19, 2019
ISBN: 978`677131563
ASIN: 781677 131563
Number of pages: 272
Word Count: 70,000

Tagline: Elizabeth, “Lizzie” Rose, high witch of the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan, must enlist the assistance of her former lover, Kincaid McAllister, the famous Spirit Wulver, to save her coven from a banshee attack.

Book Description:

As the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan prepares to celebrate Mabon (autumn equinox) by holding a “Blessing of the Brooms” ceremony at the Royal Witch Arena, a banshee swarm attacks. While clan members are held captive, the banshee leader, Sorcha, barters with the Supreme Witch’s Council to bestow life to her group within the next 48 hours.

Elizabeth “Lizzie” Rose, high witch of the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan, has recently been running late to coven events. She arrives at the arena after the banshees’ attack, and manages to escape.

She hires the famous Spirit Wulver, who is known in the magical world for dispatching demons and evil spirits. When he arrives, she realizes it is Kincaid McAllister—the same man she fell in love with centuries ago, back in Scotland.

Kincaid and Lizzie set aside their personal feelings in order to save her clan. Unfortunately, Kincaid’s typical pest exterminations fail. As a last resort, he plans to travel to the Land of the Fae to consult with the Faery King to determine the best way to get rid of Sorcha’s gang.

Despite the dangers, Lizzie insists on going with Kincaid. After rekindling their love, the two vow to spend their lives together. They find Uaithne; a magical harp that will destroy the banshees. Possession of the item requires the sacrifice of a life. To Lizzie’s dismay, Kincaid offers his.

Refusing to accept Kincaid’s fate, she frees her clan, then begins the process of returning to the Land of the Fae where she hopes to free her lover. Hopefully, Lizzie’s timeless love for Kincaid will unlock powerful magic to fuel her quest.

About the Author:

Cindy Keen Reynders is a contributing editor and staff writer for LCSD1’s Public Schools’ Chronicle. She worked as a book critic for Storyteller Alley and has published articles with True West and Wild West magazines.

She is the author of mysteries The Saucy Lucy Murders, Paws-itively Guilty and A Killer Slice. Additionally, Solstice Publishing released The Seven-Year Witch in March, 2019. The second book about the Wysteria Hedge Haven Clan sisters is, A Witch at Midnight, which was released in July, 2019. Witch Tease, is the next book in the series.

Besides reading, writing and crocheting, Cindy’s favorite activity is seeing new places. She was born in Portland, Oregon and has lived all over the United States and in Misawa, Japan. She has visited Canada, the Philippines, Samoa, Hawaii, both the western and eastern Caribbean and New Zealand.

From baby alligators to glow worms, Cindy has seen a variety of life’s wonders.

Facebook https://www.facebook.com/cindy.k.reynders           

Columbian Betrayal by Randall Krzak Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway

Colombian Betrayal
A Bruce and Smith Thriller
Book One
Randall Krzak

Genre: action-adventure thriller, political thriller, suspense thriller
Publisher: Randall Krzak Books
Date of Publication: March 30, 2020 (Kindle)

ISBN: 0978944100

ISBN-13: 978-0978944100

Number of pages:  330
Word Count: 82,039

Cover Artist: Matt at www.darngoodcovers.com

Tagline:  Colombian Betrayal exposes the death and violence behind the entangled interactions between governments, revolutionaries, terrorists, and drug lords.

Book Description: 

Colombian Betrayal tears the cover off the drug trade and exposes the death, and violence behind the twisted connections between governments, revolutionaries, terrorists, and drug lords.

Watch as an unholy alliance is formed when the profits of a Columbian drug lord Olivia Moreno, begin disappearing and deadly new international competitors appear on the horizon.

Moreno, head of the Barranquilla Cartel, strikes a deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). Little does she know she is signing her own death warrant! FARC has a group wanting a foothold in South America—the Islamic State, and she is in the way.

On the run, Moreno is captured by a CIA team. She spins a tale to use her money and manpower to destroy ISIS in an effort to save herself. Laws and rules of engagement are meaningless to Moreno, her life and her family are her only concern. Will the CIA leader fall for her offer?

Will team leader AJ Bruce strike a deal to turn the tables on Islamic State? Can she stop them from launching an attack on the United States? Or will she be too late?

Is it worth trading control of Afghanistan’s poppy fields with Moreno as a reward for her cooperation? Or is Bruce playing her in an attempt to double-cross her and kill two birds with one stone?

Get your copy today, and watch this high stakes game of kill or be killed.

Amazon     Amazon AU     Amazon CA     Amazon UK

Excerpt  2 (947 words)

AJ Bruce weaved through heavy traffic on the Capital Beltway. She alternated between leaning on the horn and cursing at slower motorists.
“Late again. I don’t need this!” She slammed a hand on the steering wheel of her gunmetal gray Honda Pilot. “Boss is gonna kill me.”
She slipped to the right around a banged-up clunker, her vehicle bouncing on the rough shoulder. AJ spotted her exit and sped along the edge of the freeway and flew down the ramp. She raced through a red light and whipped her vehicle toward the security checkpoint at the CIA facility in Langley, skidding to a halt at the end of a line of cars waiting for access.
“C’mon, c’mon!” AJ urged the cars in front to move faster. At last, her turn came. She flashed her badge at the sensor and shot past the barricade. She grabbed a pass from the console, flung the placard on the dash, jumped out of her car, and raced inside.
Once through the turnstile, she rushed to the elevator, the one-inch heels of her black leather shoes clicking on the tiled floor. Two minutes later, AJ waltzed into her section and made her way to the boss’s office, stopping at a kiosk on the way for a cup of black coffee.
“AJ, so glad you could join us today.” Robert Lintstone, head of the counter-terrorism division responsible for tracking terrorists in Latin America, sneered as he half-bowed and waved her to a seat. “What’s your excuse this time?”
Prick. As if I’d tell him in front of others. He’s always talking about the need to know. Staying out all night after the class reunion is my own business. Flicking her long, brown hair, AJ slid into a chair and glanced around the table. Four of her staff occupied seats, with empty coffee mugs in front of them. Within easy reach, notepads were covered with several lines of writing. Damn! I’m really late—wonder what they already covered? She tried to sneak a peek at the pad nearest her. The person smiled and turned it so she could read.
A stranger with black hair in a military cut, piercing green eyes, and olive complexion sat opposite her. Silver eagles of a full colonel adorned the epaulets of his uniform. His nametag read Smith.
Lintstone rubbed a hand through his thinning gray hair and cleared his throat. “There are indications the Islamic State is attempting to gain a foothold in our territory. They’ve already infiltrated a number of countries around the world. We’re trying to ascertain the validity of the intel before we make a move.”
“What’s the source?” AJ scribbled on a notepad while her boss spoke.
“Two sensitive contacts, both unconfirmed. One reported Islamic State purchased an old freighter from an Iranian corporation through a cutout. They’re using the Liberian-flagged ship as a floating command post. The other stated IS training camps are being set up in Colombia and Panama.” He shook his head before peering at them through thick glasses. “It might be a smart move on their part since no one would believe they had willing conscripts in these countries.”
Lintstone pounded a fist on his desk. The civilians flinched. “Dammit, people! We need collaborative intel. Fast! Someone check with NSA and Homeland Security. Find out if they can help. Call State as well, but I doubt they’ll be of any use.”
A tall, thin man with receding gray hair vaulted from his chair. “On it, sir.” He hurried from the room before Lintstone added any further instructions.
“Contact the British and the Canadians, too. Perhaps they’ll share with us, although there’ll be a quid pro quo.”
A bald man, on the heavy side, lumbered to his feet with the use of a cane. “Will do, chief.”
“Don’t offer any more than necessary.”
“Yes, sir.” The man limped through the doorway, banging the door shut behind him.
Lintstone glared at two women sitting at the end of the table. “Well, what are you waiting for? An invitation? Back to your computers and analyze. Contact NGA—see if the geospatial folks know more than they’ve shared. Find me something—anything to point us in the right direction.”
The women nodded and left.
“What about us, boss?” AJ gestured toward the colonel to include him in her question.
“This is Colonel Javier Smith, First Special Forces Operational Detachment. He’s here as an advisor. Colonel, meet AJ Bruce, my troubleshooter.”
AJ gazed at the colonel. “So you’re Delta Force?”
“Yes, but I’m not just here to advise.” He glanced at Lintstone. “This will be my last time in the field before taking up a new assignment at the Pentagon. That’s why I’m in uniform today. I met with my new commander earlier, and he’s a stickler for proper military etiquette and attire. Didn’t have time to change before this meeting.”
Both stood and walked around the table to shake hands. The colonel dwarfed AJ’s five-foot-ten-inch frame by six inches. AJ noted a thin scar running from his left ear to his chin. After a firm squeeze, both returned to their seats.
“You’ll be working togeth—”
AJ pursed her lips. “Sir, I work alone.” Oh great. Just what I need—a special forces guerrilla tagging along. But, least he’s cute.
“Not this time. Orders from above.”
“Don’t worry, AJ, you won’t slow me down.” His bass voice resonating, Colonel Smith smiled.
“Excuse me, Colonel, I don’t want you to be in my way.” AJ crossed her arms. A frown etched her face.
“You two finished?” Lintstone glanced at both of them. “Good. You’re working together—no debate.”

“Yes, boss.” AJ dragged the words out.

About the Author:

Randall Krzak is a U.S. Army veteran and retired senior civil servant, spending thirty years in Europe, Africa, Central America, and the Middle East. His residency abroad qualifies him to build rich worlds in his action-adventure novels and short stories. Familiar with customs, laws, and social norms, he promotes these to create authentic characters and scenery.

His first novel, The Kurdish Connection, was published in 2017, and the sequel, Dangerous Alliance, was released in November2018. Both placed in the 2018 Global Thriller Book Awards sponsored by Chanticleer International Book Awards, with The Kurdish Connection finishing as a semi-finalist and Dangerous Alliance being selected as one of seven first in category winners. The third novel in the series, Carnage in Singapore, was released in August 2019, and is currently a semi-finalist in the 2019 Chanticleer International Book Awards. He also penned "A Dangerous Occupation," a winning entry in the August 2016Wild Sound Writing and Film Festival Review short story category.

He holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Maryland and a general Master in Business Administration (MBA) and a MBA with an emphasis in Strategic Focus, both from Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland. He currently resides with his wife, Sylvia, and six cats in Dunfermline, Scotland. He's originally from Michigan, while Sylvia is a proud Scot. In addition to writing, he enjoys hiking, reading, candle making, pyrography, and sightseeing.

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