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Monday, September 21, 2015

Team Niklas by Ally Adams Book Blast

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tm covergifTitle: Team Niklas
Series: Saints team series
Vol or Book #: 3
Author: Ally Adams
Audience: New Adult (college age +)
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Format: E-book and paperback
Publisher: Atlas Productions
Cover by: Atlas Productions
Editor: Sally Odgers and Becky Strahl
Words: 67,000 words ebook
ISBN: E-book: 978-0-9943762-2-0
Date Published: 7 September 2015


“I won’t hurt your body or your heart.”
In his hometown of Berlin, Germany, Niklas Wagner is a super star and when the Saints’ pay the big bucks to sign him up and bring him to Santa Ana, California, Nik takes a shine to his new life. When he meets the Saints’ media officer, Sasha Saxon, sparks fly literally.
But Sasha is not your average girl—by day she is a journalist who looks after the media for the national champion soccer team and at night she designs for her personal fashion label. She had big dreams and they don’t include a boyfriend.
Nik has never had to chase the girls but now he has met his match—Sasha is about to lead him on the biggest chase of his life.

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“Stop moving or I’ll accidently put it in the wrong place,” I ordered Nik. You would think a guy who had done military conscription at home in Berlin, and stood at attention for long periods of time in all sorts of weather, could stand still for a few minutes.
“Sah-sha, is it even possible to put it in the wrong place?” he asked, with a raised eyebrow. I couldn’t help but smile—the way he said my name with his German accent always caught my attention; it started like sarsaparilla and finished like a dance.
Niklas Wagner, star midfielder for the national soccer team the Santa Ana Saints, had come to me for a suit adjustment—yep by day I was the media officer for the Saints and by night I designed; it was my hobby-cum-passion. Nik was standing in front of me wearing only the black suit pants and the jacket, no shirt—I could see all those well-developed abdominal muscles just waiting to be touched and I wouldn’t mind tracing those grooves with my tongue either, up and down, tight and tense. Is it getting hot in here? Then I accidently did what I had been threatening, jabbed him with a pin.
“Ouch,” he yelped and stepped back.
“See? What did I tell you? Stand at attention,” I barked.
He stiffened and stood straight… for about five seconds...

about the author
Ally Adams is a journalist who lives in coastal Victoria, Australia with her husband and furry friends. She is a literature major, romance reader and writer.
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Publisher’s webpage: http://www.atlasproductions.com.au/

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