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Thursday, May 31, 2012


 Learn to Read online Which is the readingeggs learn to read program is a fantastic way to help your child learn to read at an early age. But, it also has a program for older children. Mommy just started to use this program with Bobo last week and he loves it! He can't wait to get to the next lesson. Each lesson is a letter and there are different activities for each child to learn the sounds and how they sound in simple words that include these letters. I love the fact that if you want to repeat the lesson there is that option. Mommy has started to see if homeschooling is the best way to proceed. Let me tell you as a grandmother I can see that these lessons leave a lasting effect on Bobo. He can tell us which letters he has worked on in each lesson so far. When a child can talk about each letter and their sound that way then it is evident that they are paying attention and learning.  We will be talking about this program and giving updates on our experiences.

Mommy was given a free trial of this program. All opinions are our own. We have received no other compensation.


Friday, May 25, 2012


It's that time of year again. Sissy is again going to be in the Little Miss Strawberry contest in our town. If anyone remembers last year she was in second place! This year she wants to be first! We have started to think about what kind of outfit she is going to wear this year. Last year we made her outfit for a really small amount of money. We will try to make it for even less this year. It is so much fun making it ourselves from what we have on hand. There are some who just go out and buy a dress with strawberries on it and make no effort to be original. As soon as we get some ides together we will post them. I guess I really should learn how to post pictures instead of waiting for http://www.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/ to try to show me over and over again. Isn't that the job of a great aunt, daughter and sister though!


We have been looking into different programs for homeschooling and what other parents are doing. It looks like there is a lot more that are homeschooling than we ever thought there was. It is very sad that so many families come to the same conclusion that we have, that we are the best teachers for our children. This is one Grandmother who is sick to her stomach when everyday it seems the public schools are having one problem after another. It goes way beyond schools being locked down for guns, drugs, white power and more. What is really going on in your child's classroom? Do we really know, or do we want to believe that we know? This blog will start to talk about Mommy's efforts at homeschooling as well as still looking for great shopping bargains and more. But I do believe from what we have read so far, that homeschooled children are not missing anything but seem to be gaining a lot more.

Saturday, May 19, 2012


With all that I have been hearing about what goes on in our schools I am starting to think that homeschooling is the right way to go. Our children deserve the best we can give them and in most cases the parents are the best teachers. We start to teach our children from the day they are born. We teach them to get dressed to potty train, and even how to eat. When our children go into kindergarten and know their colors, their shapes and their alphabet, we did that! Ever since my first child was born I have fought for parental rights. This is not easy to do. When I served on our local Board of Education our biggest hurdle was trying to reach all of the parents. We  are researching all of the different curriculums out there and are trying to see which is the best for us. Do any of you homeschool? Is it easy or hard?

Monday, May 14, 2012


I have not been able to write for a week.  On Monday I had to have a tooth pulled. After 6 shots of novacaine with no end in sight to the pain, the doctor wanted to knock me out. I just wanted to get it over. So he gave me some laughing gas and proceeded. Needless to say Mommy and http://www.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/ other half, she was watching Bobo and Sissy, heard me yelling from the pain. When I finally practically ran out after jumping out of the chair as soon as I could the side of my face was huge. The pain since then has been almost unbearable. While I was there I got to really see how important it is to have insurance. People before me were talking about making payments on bills for hundreds of dollars. We all need to have affordable insurance available to us! I am still having trouble eating but hopefully I will feel better each day. My children took good care of me and that was the best Mother's Day present they could have ever given me. I even got a huge tomato plant in a pot, 2 bouquets of roses, gift cards, a trinket box that Bobo designed in school, dinner of my choice and more. I am very lucky. Nana

Thursday, May 3, 2012


I guess some people may think I am nuts but I really love to cook in the summer. I love to use my CROCKPOT  while going around my day to day errands. I love to make potato salad ahead so that it is really cold for dinner! I like to go to local vegetable stands and cook fresh vegetables.   One thing I used to make is SUN TEA.  Just get a large glass pitcher put about 6 tea bags with the tag hanging over the edge. Put it somewhere in your kitchen where the sun shines in. In a few hours you will  have delicious iced tea. Add ice and you are good to go!
Mommy and Sissy and I are going to love making pot roast in out CROCKPOT. So we are getting ready while the prices are right. Today Mommy went to STOP AND SHOP near our house and got 6 pot roasts for only $1.99 a pound on sale from $5.99.  They actually came to about $5.00 each. Peel a few potatoes , throw in some carrots and you are all set until dinner time. We like to use onions and seasonings for pot roasts but sometimes we just improvise.
A really great way to make a cheap dinner is to but a thick steak that seems to have meat with a amount of fat . We took 2 of those on Tuesday put them in the CROCKPOT and after a few hours very tender meat broke away from the bone. It served all of us instead of fighting with meat that was tough it was very tender.