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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Murder in the Cards by Paige Sleuth Virtual Book Tour & Giveaway

Murder in the Cards (Psychic Poker Pro Mystery) by Paige Sleuth

About the Book

Murder in the Cards (Psychic Poker Pro Mystery) Cozy Mystery 1st in Series Self Published (July 1, 2018) Print Length - 252 Pages
Tiffany Swanson is finally living the dream when she quits her stressful job to become a poker pro. Except her dream job doesn't turn out to be so perfect when she picks up the troubling vision of a murdered man from one of her opponents. Even more disturbing, Tiffany didn't know she was telepathic.
Before long she finds herself spending more time investigating a homicide than playing cards. But with an entire wedding party to suspect and only one weekend to pinpoint the guilty party, how will Tiffany ever figure out "whodunit" in time?

About the Author

Paige Sleuth is a pseudonym for mystery author Marla Bradeen. She plots murder during the day and fights for mattress space with her two rescue cats at night. When not attending to her cats' demands, she writes. She loves to hear from readers and welcomes emails at paige.sleuth@yahoo.com.
Author Links Website: http://www.marlabradeen.com/ps Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/marlabradeenauthor Twitter: https://twitter.com/marlabradeen Goodreads: https://www.goodreads.com/author/show/14207326.Paige_Sleuth Purchase Links Amazon Apple iBooks Barnes & Noble Kobo Google Play  
As part of Paige Sleuth's third annual "Buy in July" event, $1 from every Paige Sleuth book purchase (excluding ebook purchases of Murder in Cherry Hills) will be donated to the Community Cat Coalition of Clark County (C5). C5 is a volunteer-powered organization that seeks to reduce the number of cats euthanized every year by trapping and spay/neutering feral cats in the Las Vegas area before releasing them back into their communities

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Friday, June 29, 2018

Darkness and Blood by Steve Haberman Book Tour & Giveaway

Darkness and Blood
by Steve Haberman
Genre: Thriller

There are letter bombs.

There are car bombs.

And in Steve Haberman's upcoming DARKNESS AND BLOOD, there is a file bomb, ultra top secret information so horrifying in its content that an unintended recipient, after downloading it, dies from a heart attack?

The south of France, past midnight.

An American intelligence officer, accompanied by several bodyguards, has secretly flown in from London, with some terrible news.  The news is for a friend, a very ex-intelligence agent, hiding out in an ancient farmhouse.  A mutual confidant, a retired MI5 analyst, he explains, has suffered an odd cardiac arrest and died. To compound the mystery, just before the death, three men had entered the deceased's flat.  Two of them ranked high up in British domestic intelligence; the third--from the CIA or MI6?--was an unknown. Minutes later, presumably after their old friend had passed away, those three fled his flat and disappeared into the London night.

So sets in motion with this strange night tale the soon-to-be-released thriller, DARKNESS AND BLOOD. The unnerving, all-too-real sequel to THE KILLING PLOY.

A University of Texas graduate, Steve Haberman pursued legal studies at UCLA before embarking on a career as a legal assistant. Profitable stock market investments made travel abroad possible, and he has since visited Europe extensively and frequently, including London, Paris, Prague, Berlin, as well as Milan and Budapest. Many of these feature as settings in his two e-book novels. "Murder Without Pity," a murder mystery with tragic echoes from the past, occurs in Paris. "The Killing Ploy" (with heavy overtones of "fake news" before that was topical) is set partially in several Continental capitals. His two works in progress, "Darkness and Blood," the sequel to "The Killing Ploy," and "Winston Churchill's Renegade Spy" also use foreign locales. He is presently planning another three month trip abroad for research on a fifth thriller, this one set in the post World War II apocalyptic ruin of the German capital.

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Thursday, June 28, 2018

We Told Six Lies by Victoria Scott Cover Reveal

Fast Backward by David Patneaude Book Tour & Giveaway

Fast Backward
by David Patneaude
Genre: YA SciFi, Time Travel

Fifteen-year-old Bobby Hastings witnesses an atomic explosion near a top secret New Mexico army base in July of 1945. Terrified, he soon heads off on his bike for home, only to encounter something that rivals the blast for drama. A girl his age stands naked at the side of the lonely desert road: underweight, unwell, and speaking with a German accent. In the coming days, she unveils an impossible story about time travel and a heartbreaking outcome of the war. She begs people to believe her warning and prevent the awful future she claims to know too well. But even if they do believe her, and the story is true, the biggest question remains: can history be undone?

David Patneaude finally heeded the advice, "It's never too late to have a happy childhood," and began writing seriously (more or less) in the mid 1980's. His first novel, SOMEONE WAS WATCHING, winner of South Dakota and Utah book awards, was published in 1993. His books have been placed on young readers' lists in more than thirty states and honored by the New York Public Library (THE LAST MAN'S REWARD), the Society of School Librarians International (FRAMED IN FIRE), the Winnetka (Illinois) Public Library's "One Book, Two Villages" program (THIN WOOD WALLS), and the Washington State Public Library (THIN WOOD WALLS). His newest book, EPITAPH ROAD, was first published in March 2010. A revised digital edition was published in February 2017. Enjoy! When he's not sitting in a coffee shop writing, or at a school or library or conference talking about writing, or out on the running trail thinking about writing, he's at home in Woodinville, Washington with his wife Judy, a junior high librarian.

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Resistance by A.S. McGowan Book Tour & Giveaway

Cockiest Red Planet Trilogy Book 1
by A.S. McGowan
Genre: SciFi

What would you do if the laws allowed anyone with money to Trademark an everyday word? Or the copyrighting of a name, so no one could ever use that name again? 

Over a hundred years ago, Earth was dying. A few rich men and women banned together to create a kingdom on Mars. They hand picked the people who would join them in this new kingdom. Then they brought their arrogant beliefs and made them laws. The Trademark Commission was established to allow anyone who could afford it, the ability to trademark any common word. The laws stated that once a word was trademarked no one could speak that word again. The Naming Commission ensures that all names are copyrighted and no one uses another person's copyrighted name. Fines and even prison time are given to those who violate the trademark and copyright laws. 

Kathryn 5.0 was pregnant with her first child when the word 'baby' is trademarked. Forced to refer to her baby as "little human" she is tired of the 100 year old laws. Reaching out to friends, she works to create a resistance. Together they fight against the trademark and copyright laws. Battle lines are drawn and it is family against family. Those who resist the laws are branded "Bullies" while those who support the ancient laws wave the "Victim" banner.

**Only .99 cents!!**

I am a wife and mother, who lives in a small Southeast Missouri town. I am the author of the Centaur Agency series. Currently I am working on book 3 in the series The Making of a Centaur which will publish in July 2017. I also have plans for a vampire trilogy that I am working on. I will be publishing the trilogy after I finish the 4 book Centaur Agency series. From there I also am working on a Werewolf series. So much planned with a little bit for everyone. 

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Lime Crime's Mission and Ethos Remains Unchanged Under New Owners

Lime Crime's Mission and Ethos Remains Unchanged Under New Owners

Let’s face it; we all want to look good. Our daily make-up and beauty regimens are a ritual we secretly look forward to. How we present ourselves to the world is, whether we know it or not, an artistic representation of who we are and what we are about. As consumer knowledge has evolved, however, many consumers began to question the ethics of these products we touch every day.

Lime Crime is a cosmetics company that was created on the ethos of ethical expression. Harnessing the power of the web, the business sidestepped physical showrooms, marketing its unique and entertaining products right to the customer. The company’s mission was simple: have fun, be unique, and sell products that are animal and cruelty free. It was a two-fold approach. The company sells products, like their flagship line of Unicorn Lipstick, that are, in and of themselves, different to anything else on the market, adding a touch of flare to more traditional beauty lines (read: boring). The second part of their plan was to market these products to the ethical consumer.

Founded in 2008, Lime Crime is now transitioning to the next stage of its evolution under new owners, Tengram Capital Partners. Tengram is a private equity firm that is an expert in guiding established companies, companies with a recognizable brand, towards full market potential. The Tengram deal, announced in June 2018, comes with a change in leadership. New CEO Stacy Panagakis will head the firm.

This maverick beauty company has, in a short time, become a leading cosmetic brand internationally, with a growing footprint in the Asian and European markets. Tengram’s plan is to help the firm move into more conventional retail partnerships alongside the successful online store, while still innovating and surprising its customers. It is not lost on the new Tengram team that even as the company expands into traditional platforms, its calling card is a strong focus on whimsical and inspired expressionism.

What this means for the business model is that the Lime Crime Unicorns, the company’s loyal and devoted customer-base, will remain front and center but with more options to shop the brand. The business's plans to expand the product line will continue unchecked, with a sustained commitment to surprising and enchanting its customers.

Tengram is committed to the company, both as a lucrative business investment and a brand that is uniquely poised to capture an evolving market. As Tengram partner Richard Gersten recently said, Lime Crime is “a revolutionary brand that empowers consumers to express themselves and inspires them to push past the traditional limits of beauty.”

The mission of the firm’s founders Doe Deere and Mark Dumbelton, along with Tengram, have found an experienced partner in their new Chief Executive Officer. Stacy Panagakis joins the business, and veteran Chief Creative Officer Sasha Valentine, after a successful tenure at cosmetics rival Fresh.

Under Panagakis’s leadership, Fresh successfully expanded into the North American market, both in its stand-alone stores and through a lucrative partnership with Sephora. The success at Fresh is most noticeable for Panagakis’s commitment to Fresh’s online presence and a more direct relationship with customers; a relationship that has been integral to her new company's business model.

The company's creator, while transitioning away from daily operations, will be involved in the company’s new leadership structure. Deere will be joining the Board of Directors but appears quite confident that her brainchild is in safe hands. “I am so proud of what we've built together and am confident Stacy, Sasha and the team will continue to build on this foundation to take Lime Crime to a whole new level!”

Wednesday, June 27, 2018

We Have Been So Busy!!

We have been so busy lately. Bobo and Sissy just started swimming lessons and they are both doing great. Mommy and Auntie Vicky, Deal Sharing Aunt are again gearing up for their craft shows. I still cannot figure out how they crochet so fast! I can sew but I never learned to crochet. I am the one who puts on the finishing touches when they are finished. It is supposed to be very hot for the next few days. So, we are all getting excited over Sissy's garden. The green house is fantastic. The plants that she started as seeds are now showing tomato flowers and cucumber flowers. We have to keep trying to re pot very often these days. We are still always shopping and we hope to start sharing some of our finds. We are showing Sissy how to post and she wants to start posting, too!  I cannot wait. Nana 

Locked Out by L. M. Schukraft Book Tour & Giveaway

Locked Out
Welcome To Rebuild Book 1
by L.M. Schukraft
Genre: Cozy Mystery

Emeline Watson hoped that by changing careers and going back to her home town, Waverly, it would be a new beginning for her. She could forget her horrible ex and the troubles he caused, move on from her father's passing away six months ago, and start over. She finds out quickly enough that her past has followed her. 

Amid overhearing clandestine conversations, her ex stalking her, and her home town being plagued with recent break-ins, Emeline's first week at Rebuild, a local chain hardware store, is anything but easy. The only bright spot is her gorgeous new co-worker, Ethan Walker. They're paired up together the first day, and the mutual attraction is undeniable, but Emeline senses there's more to Ethan than he's letting on. 

Starting out a new job, in a new town, is never easy but Ethan Walker has become a pro at blending in and adjusting to change. He figures this should be one of the easier changes he's had to face in a while. Little did he know the trouble that was awaiting him when he first set eyes on Emeline Watson. Her girl next door blonde hair, curvy fit body, and stunning eyes catches his attention instantly. Time and again, he finds himself playing knight in shining armor to her damsel in distress. 

Waverly is experiencing its first wave of crime in centuries and Emeline seems to be mixed up in the center of it. No matter how much she denies needing Ethan to rescue her, the two are thrown together after Emeline discovers the grizzly remains of a body. 

Can Ethan and Emeline figure out who's behind the crimes? Will their attraction, and Emeline, survive the sinister plot threatening the entire town? Or will their secrets keep them locked out of each other’s lives?

Time is running out and the stakes are getting higher with each passing day....the danger is real and it's coming for Emeline.

L. M. Schukraft is a long time writer, a quirky novelist, and a semi-passive blogger. 

With the release of her third novel, Locked Out, Ms. Schukraft is excited to share with you a cast of new characters in a mystery that keeps you guessing. She is currently writing her next adventure - a YA fairy tale retelling - that she anticipates releasing in 2018. 

Ms. Schukraft graduated with a degree in English Creative Writing which she's finally putting to good use. She loves reading but being a picky reader limited her choices. She found herself going long periods of time waiting for her favorite authors to release their next books. Using her inclination towards creativity, Ms. Schukraft started writing a few novels years ago. Life and circumstances, along with some writer's block and doubt, delayed her finishing the first two books she started to write. Hop forward to a competition along with a butt-load of determination and Ms. Schukraft finished Even Halos Can Be Crooked. Her next release followed shortly after that, Castles in the Skies, a collection of poetry and short stories. 

Ms. Schukraft has several ideas waiting to be written and looks forward to sharing each and every single one with you. Keep an eye out for her YA fairy tale retelling, a children's picture book, the second book in both her series, and a stand-alone romantic suspense thriller. 

Ms. Schukraft actively updates her blogs and Facebook pages with information on current releases, giveaways, promotions as well as what she's writing at the time. Please follow, like, and share her blogs and Facebook pages to stay up-to-date and not miss any new releases!

Follow the tour HERE for exclusive content and a giveaway!

Exile of Angels by Ron C. Nieto Book Tour & Giveaway

Fall From Grace
Exile of Angels Book 1
by Ron C. Nieto
Genre: Urban Fantasy

Hell was meant to be a timeless prison. It’s not.

Henry Black, former Archangel of Secret Knowledge, wants some peace of mind after untold millennia locked up in Hell, but the guilt of inhabiting a body that is not his own and of having left behind his brothers and sisters still damned to solitary confinement eats him up inside.

Old sins are hard to cleanse.

He thinks he can atone by doing the right thing—play the older brother to his host body’s kin while upturning every secret buried in Creation until he finds a way to free every single angel who fell—but with every fact uncovered, he finds himself one step further from the release he craves and one step closer to more chains that bind.

Maybe the only way to be at peace with himself is to face a new war head on…

Rise To Freedom
Exile of Angels Book 2

I am a demon possessing the body of the late Malik Sadik. Truth.

Yes, the former Archangel of Truth now inhabits the body of coffeehouse barista Malik Sadik. But Malik wasn’t a willing participant to this possession, not like Henry Black. The human Henry Black willingly gave over his body to the Archangel of Secret Knowledge. Malik, on the other hand, was merely in the wrong place at the wrong time.

I still feel human. Truth.

Yes, Malik still feels human. But he’s not human and a war is brewing. When Hell threatens to unravel and its black hunger eats and corrupts those Malik has learned to care about, he must make a choice between what he knew as an angel and what he has begun to feel as a man.

So, what happens when Truth isn’t right?

Ron C. Nieto is a fantasy and romance author who has been writing in her secluded fortress for the longest time. Recently, she had a talk with her cat and decided that she should share her creations, because it was selfish to hoard them all for herself.

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The Pre-Programming Circo del Herrero (The Blacksmith's Circus) Vol. 2 by B.L.A. and G.B. Gabbler Cover Reveal and Giveaway

The Pre-Programming
Circo del Herrero
(The Blacksmith’s Circus)
Vol. 2
B.L.A. and G.B. Gabbler

Genre: Mythpunk, Urban Fantasy

Publisher: SOBpublishing

Date of Publication: October 2018

Number of pages: 421
Word Count: 143,700

Cover Artist: SOBpublishing

Tagline: Vulcan’s ancient Automata find their purpose rebooted in the second installment of the CIRCO DEL HERRERO series.

Book Description:

The crippled god of metallurgy, fire, and alchemy has many names and many faces—sometimes Hephaestus, Ptah, or Vulcan. He changes to suit his needs. And just like his names, his creations have gone through countless revisions. This time, he’s finally onto something—his Automata have turned the heads of other gods. They’ve noticed their pre-programmed potential. There’s a reason Vulcan didn’t scrap the Automata—a reason he left them in the care of humans all this time. They were just the beta testers for his most intricate windup toy yet…

Vulcan’s ancient Automata find their purpose rebooted in the second installment of the CIRCO DEL HERRERO/THE BLACKSMITH’S CIRCUS series. Their immortal human Masters will drop like flies—superfluous in the next round as the gods shuffle in a new deck of fateful cards. The Masters can choose how and when, but they will all die to free the Automata of their earthly chains. Odys and his Automaton, Maud, struggle to protect his twin sister from the plotting of his dual-bodied adversaries. But his sister, Odissa, finds herself a willing participant in The Blacksmith’s latest exhibition—could she be the missing cog to the god’s tightly wound machine all along?

In this thrilling sequel to THE AUTOMATION, the Narrator and Editor drag readers deeper into the dark history and even darker future of Automata. When the subterranean god emerges with his postlapsarian blueprint, so will the truth about B.L.A. and G.B. Gabbler. Ideal for fans of Scott Hawkin’s The Library at Mount Char, Jo Walton’s The Just City, and all the way to Homer’s The Odyssey, THE PRE-PROGRAMMING is a literary outrage that dares you to keep reading between the lines and the footnotes.

The Automation 

Book One in the Circo del Herrero Series 

Available at

Amazon      Smashwords      BN

‘“Why did you call me Dorothy?” Odissa seized the sides of his face, as if she had Dorian trapped now.
“Why? Do you not like this yellow brick road I’m escorting you down?” He sunk lower into the tub, angling her grip on him. Her fingers slid a little on his wet skin. His hair touched the water and fanned out like an aura. He wanted to make sure her hands were still playing nicely.
“That’s not a real answer, Dorian.” She leaned into him.
He floated away from her. He spread out his arms along the tub. His grey eyes closed, readying himself. “I suppose you have a right to know. Odys will tell you eventually, I’m sure. He couldn’t keep his mouth shut.”
“About what?”
He rubbed a finger over his pink upper lip at a false itch. “I knew your real parents, Odissa. At least, I think I did. But I won’t tell you more than that.”
“Why not?”
“Not only would your brother hate me for it, but…” He trailed off.
“Since when do you care what my brother wants? I think he’ll be too distracted about the other stuff we’ve done to care if you tell me. And does this mean he knows? Why does he know but I don’t? It isn’t fair.”
“Your brother knows as much as I do. And believe me, that means he’s not sure of anything.”
“Not sure of what, Dorian?”
He merely smiled. “I’m going to make the others adore you, Odissa. Just you wait. I need to warn you that when they start arriving they might be a little suspicious about what we’ve been up to. They might not understand. Don’t worry. I’ll handle it. They’ll love you. They’ll let me save you.”
“Save me?”
“When we find Madus, he’ll be perfect for you. A twin for a twin.”
She had no idea what he was talking about.
“Then Leeland will never get to you. No one will ever take you away from me again.” He was smiling to himself once more, his finger back at that lip.
“Exactly how many times have I been taken away before?”
“Once, in the past. But an Automaton will keep you here with me forever. You understand? Maybe then—once you have an Automaton—you’ll understand what happened to your parents, why I did what I had to. The Automaton will explain everything.”
“What did you do to my parents, Dorian?” Her heart was making the water ripple despite her body remaining still. “I don’t want an Automaton.”
“Your brother wants you to have one too.” To himself, “That’s why he went so willingly to Rosemund.” 
Not sure what he meant, “He won’t give me one if I do not want one.”
“None of us were really given a choice, Odissa. You think you will be? And the others will want to make me happy. I will win them over. I will gain their votes. Why wouldn’t you want an Automaton? You either become one of us or we get rid of you eventually. Why not finalize the deal? You have no life to go back to.”
“You’ve made sure of that, haven’t you?”
He licked his lip, wondering why she was so obstinate. Could she not see what he meant? Surely—for she could see everything else.
“Then let me know why you won’t tell me. Why can’t you tell me why I’m Dorothy?”
His jaw clenched. He did not like her persistence. “You would hate me, that’s why.”
“What if I promised I wouldn’t? Why would it change so much between us? Aren’t we destined to be in love with each other?”
“No. I’m destined to be in love with you. The gods promised us nothing about your love.”
“You were angry with me when I didn’t say I was married. Now you’re the one hiding the truth.” 
The water rippled as he huffed. “Leeland has leverage—family members, pets, friends. He uses leverage to try and get our Automatons. He had leverage on me, but…I still have an Automaton, Odissa. You understand what I’m saying?”
He heard her try to swallow.
“Do you understand, Odissa?”’

About the Authors:

BLA and GB Gabbler [really just a pen name – singular] are the Editor and Narrator behind the Circo del Herrero series. THE AUTOMATION, vol. 1 of the series, is a mythpunk novel that puts a postmodern spin on how we interpret myth and literature. Gabbler’s work typically explores ways in which robots and religion intersect. You can read more of their work on the Fanzine. Their second volume, THE PRE-PROGRAMMING, is scheduled for release in 2018. You can read the first volume for free.

Find out more at:

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