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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

What Counts Most Is How You Finish by Sheila Payton Book Tour and Book Review

Book Synopsis:

What Counts Most is How You Finish is a book of short essays that shares ideas for addressing life's challenges. The book (which uses experiences from the author's life and the lives of others) is written with two ideas in mind:
• Each person has to find his or her own way in life
• We can learn worthwhile things from each other

To make it easier to find an essay that can help the reader address life situations in real time, What Counts Most is How You Finish is divided into seven topic areas: Being You, Taking Care of You, Dealing with People, Overcoming Challenges, Staying Focused, Achieving Success and Making a Difference.

While the primary audience for What Counts Most is How You Finish is people between the ages of 16-25, the book has received positive feedback from many older than that who say it’s a good reminder for them.

Author's Bio:

Shelia Payton is an entrepreneur, former newspaper reporter, corporate manager and educator who spent all of her early life and much of her career in a time when people of color and women in this country were pushing for greater inclusion at all levels of society, and seeking greater opportunities to live life to the fullest. Like others in her generation, Shelia had to face and overcome barriers to entering and succeeding in non-traditional jobs, and create a place in civic and leadership settings. Also like others in her generation, Shelia’s motivation has not just been about what she can accomplish for herself, but also how she can open up opportunities for future generations. Shelia’s current focus is on creating books, plays and music that build human connections by breaking down barriers and stereotypes.

My review;
I just finished reading this new book, "What Counts Most is How You Finish", by Sheila Payton and I found it to be very interesting. The author touches on almost every aspect of life events. It talks about taking care of yourself and how to deal with others to name a few. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to either change their outlook or to help someone else in need. I give this book a 4/4.  I was given this book for the purpose of a review and all opinions are my own.

1 comment:

  1. Debra, Thank you for taking the time to read and review my book and share your opinion with your readers. I’m honored to receive such a high rating from you for What Counts Most is How You Finish, and hope loyal followers of and visitors to your blog will find my book both enjoyable and useful. Continued success to you in the future.—Shelia Payton