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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Don't Wait for the Truck , Walgreens Unilever Campaign #IceCream Run


All of  us have grown up on Popsicles and other brands of ice cream like, Klondike Bars, Magnum Bars, Breyers and Fruitake, especially in our family.   We always make sure that we always have some, if not all of these in our freezer.  Every birthday party is with  cake and ice cream. Whenever we have a party we head right over to Walgreens to pick up all of our favorites. It is so easy to run to Walgreens and get all of our favorites without having to wait in long lines.

This is Bobo and Mommy having a Popsicle!!

 This is one our favorite kinds.

This is Bobo and Sissy having a Popsicle.

Find us with #IceCream Run
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