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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Life Sentiments & Realities, and Through the Fire by Chris Uyi Book Tour Review, Interview and Giveaway

Book Synopsis:

LIFE: Sentiments & Realities

"Reality is burdensome to the undisciplined mind and so people avoid it by constantly seeking fun and distraction, albeit living confusedly. In adult life, we must train our minds to be watchful, thoughtful and resolute. We cannot alter what is, nor shape ­people and events to our liking; putting much effort into that is a sure path to frustration. Rather, we must set our minds to ­reconcile our actions to what is, rather than what we expect things to be.”

Instructive judgement, practical counsel, eternal truths and unconventional tactics to attain a fulfilled and happy life is what the author of the book, LIFE: Sentiments & Realities, offers the reader. In this book, Chris shares his insightful, combative, tough-minded and pragmatic thoughts on some basic life issues, encouraging the reader to choose a realistic rather than sentimental approach to life and, in so doing, achieve a robust, successful and happy life.

My review; 

This book really catches your interest and gives you some things to think about. Is it more common then not, for us to feel it hard to change the way that we act to others and ourselves when it comes to our feelings? The author, Chris Uyi tells us through  his very easy to follow and understand ideas on how we can  get ourselves on a different path. Through understanding that we have to look differently at our lives and the events that shape our future we will have the life that we really want.
 The author, I believe, would rather be ready for what happens, not to try to have all that we should want. I give this book a 4/5. I was given this book for the purpose of a review and all opinions are my own.

Through the Fire

Uncontrolled desires, passions and sorrows constitute the world of darkness where the fire burns; and in the presence of darkness, people stumble and fall. But when we let the light in, stumbling is minimized.

Through the Fire sheds light on the causes of our struggles and pains so that we may minimize them. The views are practical and comprehensive, and are intended to lift the reader above life’s difficulties. They evoke, and provoke, intellectual and spiritual alertness in the reader’s mind.

In Through the Fire Chris has again given the world a sublime philosophical path to finding success and eternal peace.


Thank you so much for being with us today,

Interview with Chris Uyi

1. In your book on Life, you have a tough minded approach to issues. While in your book Through the Fire, you come across as a man of peace, how do you balance both?

Life: Sentiments and Realities deals with your mind set in regards to your ambition, while Through the Fire deals with an individual's mind set in dealing with people. I am tough minded on myself and in chasing my dreams, while I am a man of peace in dealing with people.

2. Can you name some few people who have been major influences in your life.

Outside my immediate circle of associates, some of which I acknowledged in my book on Life; other key influences are Bob Marley, Tupac Amaru Shakur for his philosophical depth and lyrical genius, Prof. Wole Soyinka, Nelson Mandela and Robert Greene.

3. Do you ever feel pressured to write?

No I don't. I write only when I have a message.

4. How do you handle your critics?

I always keep my calm, for the man of understanding is of a calm spirit. I believe everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But the truth remains uninvolved. We all get to discover the truth when our reality enters that level.

5. What attracts you to people?

Content of character and their intellectual altitude.

6. You have succeeded in a profession many see difficult, how did you do it?

Firstly, I'll say I have a timely message, and secondly, it's been lots of favour from the press, which includes you.

7. What's your motto in life?

To always do my best while I 'm still  breathin

Author's Bio:
Christopher Uyi is an Economist, Business Strategist and Life Coach. He is currently the Principal Partner of i54 Consulting Ltd. A strong believer in educational excellence and philanthropy, he is the founder of Uyi Christopher Ibhazehi-oria Foundation.

Chris is a prolific writer who, in his words, ''does not write for fun but writes to deliver a message''. He has published several well-acknowledged articles and two life/mind uplifting books.

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Where to buy the book:

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