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Tuesday, December 30, 2014

2014 Gift Guide & 12 Giveaways!

It is that time again! In honor of Christmas my daughter from Deal Sharing Aunt and I are hosting a Gift Guide and some giveaways! 

The First Item we have is perfect for children and parents alike to help create memories to read and share for years to come! I also thought that this was great for all the Olaf lovers out there! The My Magical Snowman Personalized Book from I see me is a perfect fit! Here is a link to my review: http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/2013/08/i-see-me-review.html

Item Info:
My Magical Snowman is a heart-warming new personalized storybook that will make your child feel extra special this holiday! The magic all starts when forest creatures come together to build a special snowman friend just for your child. When your child reaches out for a hug, Snowman comes alive! Your child and Snowman sled, skate, make snow angels, laugh and play together in utter delight. Snowman tells your child that he or she is as "unique as a snowflake" and that your child’s love is the magic that fills up his heart. Written by award-winning author Jennifer Dewing, illustrated by artist Amy Schimler-Safford.
I love these books and they make great gifts!

Next is along the same thought, but it is for adults to enjoy memories! Yournovel.com is an excellent gift for newlyweds, Valentine's day, or anniversaries. I have gotten a few of them and they are really nice. There is so much you can personalize. You can use nicknames, your favorite radio station, etc. What is really nice is that they have so many options to choose from. They have Bahamas. Paranormal, beaches, historical and more. Plus you get to decide if you want a wild or mild version!  Here is a link to my review: http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com/2014/02/the-magic-snow-globes-by-susie-taylor.html
The Magic Snow Globes by Susie Taylor 
is a personalized story about a very special Christmas gift, one that is priceless, timeless, selfless. The hero of our starring couple finds it unexpectedly. Actually, nearly everything about his finding it is unexpected. He hopes his lover will agree that it is special, even if it requires suspending disbelief and just going with the moment.
    She does, and the result is a wondrous, amazing journey through layers of reality and fantasy that teach them about life and each other while entertaining them with moments of delving into the unknown and carrying them through heights of passion that overwhelm them and take their breath away.
    This is really a sexy tale set around snippets of holiday scenes that brings with it a witty, charming sense of what a loving relationship is really about. It is a special gift you will enjoy giving and reading.

Plus you can add a photo to the cover!

We also wanted to include a gift for really young kids. This clown is perfect! 

My Sister hand makes these and they are washable. They also come undressed (excerpt for the hat) so you can change their outfits. What I like about these is that my sister can personalize them. She made me a bride and groom for my wedding, and she can also make any characters ( Olaf, Disney Princess, Sports teams, Hair dressers, etc.). 

What about the guy on your list? That is always a tough one in my house too! What about candy?  How about if you personalize some M&Ms? That is not really a man cave gift either. 

So we thought about tools and how men never have enough hands for all their gadgets! We thought that this armband would help! See our review here: http://3partnersinshopping.blogspot.com/2014/11/armband-red-star-tec-ab701-iphone-5.html

For the person that has everything we thought that candy, cookies, hot chocolate etc., would be the best idea. 

We also thought about the person that loves homemade items and we love to unwrap jewelry. Who doesn't?
We also thought about the cook and baker! We have had people that love unwrapping our homemade crocheted kitchen towels!

On to the Giveaways:
We will have 1 rafflecopter on my site and my moms. 

This is what we are giving away:

1. Kitchen lover's basket ~ Handmade hanging towels, homemade dishclothes and 2 cookbooks.

2. A book lover's basket (really a box) of 10 books. Winner will get to pick from the ones that we have available!

3. A second book lover's basket (really a box) of 10 books. Winner will get to pick from the ones that we have remaining after winner #2 above. 

4. A baby giveaway basket ! A homemade clown, a toy and some other items (bottle brush, bibs etc.) This will be for a boy or girl

5. A man cave giveaway basket ~ some tools etc. 

6. A sweet tooth's basket ~ candy, candy and um candy!

7. The Date Night basket ~ make-up, etc.

8. An "I just shopped for hours and wrapped until my hands hurt" relaxation pack ~ A candle, some bubble bath, etc.

9. An " I have no idea what to get them,not even what giftcard basket ~ a $20 Walmart gift card

10. A child's gift basket ~ This will be for a boy and will have games, toys, crayons etc. 

11. A child's gift basket ~ This will be for a girl and will have games, toys, crayons etc.

12. A mom's gift basket ~ A pair of earrings, a bracelet, a Momnesia by Lori Verni-Fogarsi book etc. 

Here is how the rafflecopter will work:

On January first I will pick 12 winners. 
The first winner will pick which number prize pack they want. Then the second winner will pick from the remaining 11 prizes. The third will pick from the remaining 10 prizes left. The fourth winner will pick from the remaining 9 prizes. The fifth winner will pick from the remaining 8 prizes. The sixth will pick from the remaining 7 prizes. The seventh will pick from the remaining 6 prizes left. The eighth winner will pick from the remaining 5 prizes. The ninth winner will pick from the remaining 4 prizes. The tenth will pick from the remaining 3 prizes. The eleventh winner will pick from the remaining 2 prizes. The last  (twelveth) winner will get the remaining prize.

Please enter here:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. legos or sports apparel, For winter warmth with scarves and warm socks

  2. I love to see gift cards. I also love jewelry and books.

  3. I am greatful for anything, but I think idea's are, maybe workout stuff, works great for men or women, and cook stuff is great everyone can use, like large spoons and silacone type spoontalu's. or bake where . Scarve's would be good for men or women. gloves. fun bottle openers with magnets for the fridge. those would be some ideas. maybe?? but I love it all!!! Thank you so much!!!! Merry Christmas

  4. I like just about anything so keep doing what you do.

  5. I like everything you choose, but for your GC basket if you do one next year Amazon GCs work great! I love to read and cook. However as I am disabled now and I am young to not be able to walk Wall Mart really doesn't work for disabled people. The store is huge and there are never any handicapped parking, lol and I can't count the times I have had to wait to get a cart, (I look healthy) or someone has asked me to get off and walk, I can't walk!

  6. Awesome giveaway. Great blog! I received the item from this giveaway and loved it. Great communication and shipping! Thanks!

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