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Friday, November 28, 2014

What We Did On Thanksgiving Day

This is what we did yesterday, Thanksgiving. After we ate huge dinner some of us went outside to build a snowman with our first snow of the season. Then there were others like me who were too tired to go out and play.


They had soo much fun. We had a fantastic day .

Sissy made this is a class she went to. Mommy bought a kit for Bobo and their little cousin to make.  They came out so cute. On Wednesday Bobo and Sissy made a placemat for each person to use for dinner. They took so much care in making sure that they were themes that each person liked.  One Auntie got unicorns, another got butterflies, there were flowers, fire engines, dolphins, Scooby Doo, animals and more. We are all very lucky that we all like crafts and Mommy collected and bought stuff every time she saw them on sale.  Now, it's on to Christmas and those crafts.   Nana

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