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Sunday, June 14, 2015

The Last Legacy by Taylor Lavati Book Release and Book Review

The Last Legacy

Here is a teaser excerpt from Episode One ;

“Are the changed people alive?” I shut my eyes, envisioning the man that Jim had killed, the monsters I saw in the road. Their reddish eyes and white skin, their strange groans and aggressive hands. My body shivered.
“They’re certainly not human.” Jim turned in the swivel chair. The bottom of the... chair groaned grinding, and my eyes fluttered open to see him. I sat up on my elbows and stared across the room at him. He didn’t look at me, though. He leaned back, the chair squeaking as it strained. “If anything, I’d say they’re like zombies. We’ve been calling them eaters or infected.”
“Eaters.” I tested it out on my tongue as I stared up at the white speckled ceiling. “Can they be saved? Like, can we make a new virus to turn them back?”
“There’s no saving the world. If they haven’t been able to counter it by now, I doubt they will. With something that affects as many as this bio-toxin, I’d say most are dead. Now, it’s just about survival. You should get the happy thoughts out of your head. I doubt we’re rebuilding anytime soon.”
“It’s not over.” I fully sat up and glared at him. “How can you say that? There has to be something we can do to fix this. I had no idea how bad it was. I just assumed it was a regular war with infantry and bombs and stuff. But it’s a virus. There’s a chance we can fix it. We can’t just run away now.”
“We’re not running. We’re surviving, and for now, this is the only way.”

My review;
I cannot begin to tell how much I really like  author Taylor Lavati and her great stories.  "The Last Legacy" is a fantastic story of a woman named Lana who is left in a world of terror and horror. Lana is one of few survivors who with Jim are trying to survive in this new world. She only has a knife, her quick thinking, and a backpack to help her. This book is full of action and suspense.  This is Season One   Episodes  1-10. I cannot wait to read the rest of this story I am sitting at the edge of my seat. I cannot wait to see what is going to happen to Lana and Jim!  Anyone who reads about the end of the world, or people turning into creatures will love this book!   Once I started reading it I was unable to stop.   I give this book a 5/5. I was given this book for the purpose of  a review and all opinions are my own.
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