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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop Giveaway & Character Interview

Favorite Heroines Giveaway Hop hosted by Herding Cats & Burning Soup. We all love a strong female character!
I have had the pleasure of reading all of author  Taylor Lavati's books. I really like her stories and how her characters come to life.  Her Curse series is truly amazing and all 3 books got a 5/5 from me. They center around Ryder and her past lives. She is surrounded by gods. Ryder is definitely one of my favorite heroines. Her latest book is The Last Legacy was just released this week.

She is back with a new book and a new set of great characters! I know that you will love this new heroine! I did.

I was given the great opportunity to share a unique Character interview with our readers.

Interview with Jim (PRE-The Last Legacy)
20 Questions

Taylor: Why don’t you tell me your name, age, and a little bit about yourself.
Jim: Okay. I’m Jim. Yeah…hey. I’m twenty-nine and live in Hartford. I work at my family’s business, Moore’s Wood. I live alone, ‘bout a mile from the mill, with my dog, Whisky.

Taylor: So, you live with just the dog? Girlfriend?
Jim: Just me.

Taylor: All right, well let’s start the game!
Jim: They didn’t tell me there was a game involved. My dad just said this was an interview with a new company interested in the mill. What’s the game here?

Taylor: It’s just a 20 questions game.
Jim: Just hurry up. *Checks watch* It’s almost dinner-time.

Taylor: Sure, I’ll start easy. Just remember these are questions I have to ask, same as I ask everyone. *Jim nods* Where would you like to live?
Jim: Is this serious? Okay, well… I don’t know. I like my house. Maybe a little further from the mill to be more private. I like being in the cool, not humid air, so I’d definitely stay in the Northeast. But I’m easy. I’ll go anywhere.

Taylor: What is your favorite quality in a woman?
Jim: Just any woman? A**. I’m definitely an a** guy. No question about that. Although a nice set of plump lips helps, too. Angelina Jolie lips. That’d be hot.

Taylor: Okay, number three. Who is your favorite fictional hero?
Jim: James Bond of course. He’s a bada**. He gets women, has a gun, kicks a**. Plus he can rock a monkey suit like no-one else. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a James Bond movie that was bad.

Taylor: What is your most treasured possession?
Jim: Whisky, but I don’t really count her as a possession. She’s like a person to me. But she’s really the only thing I care about.

Taylor: What do you most value in your friends?
Jim: I don’t really have many friends. My brother, John and his wife are really the only people I hang out with much. I think they only invite me over out of pity. But they feed me so it’s all good. I guess I like that they care. Feels good to have people want you to succeed.

Taylor: Do you lie? And why would you?
Jim: Of course I lie. Lying is an important part of life itself. That’d be like telling my mom her new bob haircut with red highlights looks good when really she looks like Ronald McDonald. There’s always a reason to lie. The tough thing is finding a reason to tell the truth.

Taylor: Question number seven. What do you consider your greatest achievement?
Jim: Sh*t. I have no idea. I haven’t done anything in my life. I’m almost thirty. *Laughs* I graduated high school, so there’s that. Sorry, I’m not more interesting.

Taylor: This wasn’t on my list, but I’m curious…what would you consider the idea of perfect happiness to be life?
Jim: Hmm...In a perfect world, I’d be rich, obviously. I’d have my own house deep in the woods somewhere where I could avoid everyone around me. I’d be able to drink all day and chill with Whisky all night. John would come over sometimes, but not too much. I’d have a woman on my arm, maybe kids. Well, I don’t know. I think I’d want kids someday. I like taking care of Whisky, and Lord knows she’s a handful.

Taylor: Where and when were you happiest?
Jim: What is happy, really? I don’t know. I loved high school. I was the star on the football team. It was kind of a big fish in a little pond scenario. But I had friends, girlfriend, until she screwed me up. I was pretty happy. I’m also happy after I’m two drinks in on a Friday night watching TV.

Taylor: Number ten. What word do you overuse most?
Jim: Can I swear here? *Taylor shakes head* Okay, so not a swear. Um, probably beer. I ask for beer a lot.

Taylor: What is a talent you wish you had?
Jim: Oh god, I’d love to be able to make drinks. For some reason, I just can’t figure out how to measure out drinks and figure out what tastes good together. I have this great big bar in my basement with any hard liquor you can imagine, but I can’t make a freaking drink.

Taylor: What is your greatest fear?
Jim: Being stuck. I feel like I have no purpose. I go to work, go home, drink, go to sleep. Every single day. And there’s nothing that ever changes. It’s a tad depressing. So I guess my fear is being stuck in the same place for the rest of my life.

Taylor: Number thirteen. What is your current state of mind?
Jim: Well, you have yet to offer me a drink or dinner, so I’m a bit aggravated. I’m hungry since it’s about 6 at night and usually I’m two deep by now in my living room. So, yeah, hungry, sober, and testy. Sum it up, okay?

Taylor: Sure, Mr. Moore. Who is a living person you despite most?
Jim: Easy. Queen bee b**ch of my life, Kimmy Larson. She fu**ed me over. And I hate her.

Taylor: If you could have any occupation, what would it be?
Jim: I like my job.

Taylor: But if you had to pick a different one, what would it be?
Jim: Um, I guess instead of working at the mill I’d own it. Happy?

Taylor: Sure. Number fifteen, then.
Jim: It’s actually sixteen. You just asked me two in a row.

Taylor: Right. Sixteen, then. How do you want to die?
Jim: Happy. With the people I love, John, Whisky. I wouldn’t want a big deal spectacle. I’d just want to go.

Taylor: If you were to die and come back, what would you be?
Jim: Just for the record, I don’t believe in this stuff. But I guess I’d be something like a wolf. Maybe a lone wolf. I like the sound of that. They live in woods, cooler weather. They’re fierce, but don’t really attack anything. I don’t know…

Taylor: What is your life’s motto?
Jim: I guess slow and steady. It’s all that really explains me. Since I haven’t done much at all, I’ll stick with that.

Taylor: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?
Jim: I care too much. I’d want to be harder and less emotional.

Taylor: Last one. What is your greatest regret?
Jim: Letting Kimmy hurt me. Her betrayal changed me in a way I didn’t even expect. And I have so much hate for her that I don’t want to carry anymore. But I could never forgive her. So it’s just this circle of me hating her and then myself. I wish it never happened.

Taylor: Thanks for hanging out with me and being so willing to answer. Best of luck, Jim.

Jim: Thanks, I guess. Hope you got what you wanted.

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