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Friday, September 26, 2014

Homeschooling is Being Attacked, Again


      Here we go again Homeschooling  in Connecticut is being attacked yet again!  Why can't these people who think they know better than parents just leave us all alone?  I am so mad. Sometimes I wish people would mind their own business. It seems as if all they want to do is start problems.

      Hopefully they will understand that there are a lot of homeschoolers in Ct. as well as other states and this is an election year of our State Senators, State Representatives, and Governor etc.  I am going to question all of the candidates before I vote this year. When I was elected to our local board of education my prime focus was the best for the children. Who else knows their own child better but the parents? I know I sound like a broken record but parents are the best teachers, starting from day one. Who else teaches them to dress, to eat, to talk, to walk,   I could go on and on.    Nana

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