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Monday, July 28, 2014

Plumb Crazy by Molly Blaisdell Book Tour and Giveaway

Plumb Crazy

Release Date: 06/10/14

Summary from Goodreads:

Small town country girl Elva Presley Hicks is about to attend her five-year class reunion with her best friends, Shay and Margarett.

The discovery of an old fanfic manuscript stirs up memories of her summer job as a plumber’s helper in Houston the summer before senior year. She earned a lot of money that year, but was lonely as heck.

It's not like there weren't any suitors back then. Elva could have chosen between Chase, the obese pig farmer, and Wyatt, the plumber with wandering hands. But Elva yearned for something more, and found it that fateful summer, with electrician, Mitch McCall.

It was magical. Mitch wasn't turned off by Elva's name or fan fiction writing, and Elva didn't lose interest in Mitch after he cut off his nose at work.

Trials and triumphs followed including a friendship implosion, world-wide fanfic humiliation, and goat salvation. It would go down as the most memorable summer of high school.

But as these things sometimes do, the summer romance fizzled and Elva moved on to life after high school. And while she's ready to reminisce, she is unnerved when she runs into Mitch at the reunion. Can they give it another go after so much time has passed, or are they too different now to even try?

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About the author;

Molly Blaisdell is a dash of fun, mixed in with some smart cookie and a splash of capable. She started her first fan fiction group in junior high and never stopped writing. Today, she writes about geeky girls with lofty dreams and about the absolute craziness of falling in love. Her debut novel is PLUMB CRAZY, a NA/YA romantic comedy. She's also the author of 30 books for children and hundreds of articles. You can find her and her books at www.mollyblaisdell.com.


“What do you need me to do first,” Elva asked Yves when they reached the job site.

“Are you ready to try something new?”

Elva nodded and followed him to a worktable.

Yves held up a shiny U clamp.

“We have to fasten down the pipes,” he said. “Every ten feet drill two holes, one inch to center on a girder, then fasten the clamps around the pipe with hex nuts.”

“How about adding di-lithium crystals to those warp drives?” Elva murmured.

“Did you have a question, Hicks?”

“Could you demonstrate what you just said?” She stared at Yves boldly but could feel a muscle in her eyelid twitching.

“I’ll do it one time.” He marked a girder and drilled two holes. He inserted a clamp, and then tightened the hex nuts.

Elva nodded.

“You ready to quit?” Yves asked.

“Not hardly. Give me that drill.” She put out a hand.

Yves barked out a high-pitched laugh. “You’ve got spark. I’ll give you that. I’ll check back later.”

She squeezed the trigger on the drill and pointed at the girder. The motor revved and the drill bit flashed. She whipped out her tape measure and measured ten feet. She marked the girder and began to drill. The bit slid, making a scratch on the metal surface. She started again.

“More power to the engines, Scotty!” Elva shoved the bit against the girder. It slid off, again. Finally she created an indentation. She pushed harder. Almost. Almost.

The bit broke through. The drill ripped out of her hands! Shards of metal flew. The drill spun, hitting her fingers repeatedly. Elva yelped as the motor seized and stopped.

The knuckles on her right hand bled and a jagged scratch ran down her left forearm. She tried to yank the bit back through the hole she’d made, but it wouldn’t budge.

Two arms encircled her. Wyatt.

She stiffened in shock as his heat poured though her clothes, and his rough calloused hands slid over her. He waited for her to catch her breath. She leaned into him. He smelled like—well, she didn’t know it was possible to smell sexy.

“Flip the reverse arrow and pull the bit out,” he said. His lips brushed her hair and his elbows brushed both her boobs as the bit easily backed out of the girder. He quickly punched a second hole.

“Keep at it.” He inserted a clamp and walked away.

Elva fanned her burning face.

She wanted him, and she never wanted anything. Loser girls sat on the sidelines. But the plumbing was influencing her. Somehow, she’d stumbled out of the sidelines of life and into the game.

A surge of excess energy helped her drill the next two holes. The result was jagged and skewed, but she shoved in a clamp and tightened the hex nuts. Perfect.

One clamp down, a million to go.

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