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Friday, October 24, 2014

Ringling Bros. And The Greatest Show on Earth Barnum & Bailey Circus Review & Giveaway

Here we are at the CIRCUS!!!  This was right before in the  room that we were invited to before the show. The wonderful people at the Circus gave us Sissy and Bobo's , favorites chicken strips and pigs in a blanket. Then we had vegetables, cookies, popcorn, soda and cotton candy.  The kids were surprised with these hats.

  Hard hats.                                                                         

This is in the room before the Circus.

They even gave them hard hats to decorate and then the performers signed them.  Sissy loved the dancers and told them all about her dancing lessons.

This is the room and Sissy fooling around with Aunt Icky, (Deal Sharing Aunt).


These were on the tables and the kids got them signed.  The whole time we were there the performers walked around. They were absolutely fantastic!

Here is one of the nicest people we ever met, the kids loved her. She told the kids a lot about the animals.

  This are 2 of the clowns.

The show begins.

Sissy and I held our breath when  the acrobat went up side down.

Here she is again.
Sissy and I sat across from Mommy, Bobo, Aunt Icky and Uncle Mike. They are hard to see in this picture.

Here are the beautiful elephants.

The tigers took our breath away.

The are some of the tight rope walkers.

We did not want it to end. The kids , Mommy and I have never been to the circus. We need to thank, The Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey Circus, The Greatest Show on Earth for all that you see. They gave us tickets, food, and a night we will never forget. We also would like to thank The Webster Bank Arena for having the show. We have never been to the Webster Bank Arena and it was a great  experience, parking, helpful people and more. We were given this opportunity for this review and all opinions are our own.

We had such a great time that we have decided to giveaway a coloring book to a lucky reader! We are also giving away a clown nose and a bracelet!
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  1. My favorite part of the circus is the food! Yum.

  2. I love the acrobats and the animals!

  3. I've never been to a circus before, but I think the acrobats would be my favorite.

  4. I enjoy the flying trapeze artists and the aerialists...is that the right name? The people that hang by the wide ribbons?

  5. I've never been to the circus b4

  6. I always liked the animal acts - especially the horses.