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Friday, March 20, 2015

Literary Musings Where Books Come Alive Spotlight Blooger Tour and Giveaway

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Picture 015 (600x800)Ever since I was small girl, I loved to read. Being sent to my room was no great hardship, because I could curl up on my bed and read the Famous Five. My love of reading stayed with me, throughout primary and secondary education. I even became a school librarian. The books I read have been wonderful friends. They've made me laugh, cry and even snort in surprise. I've almost thrown books across rooms because of a character's death and I've dreamed endless ways to bring them back.

As an indie author myself, I know the pain of waiting on reviews or on agents. I've opened rejection letter after rejection letter until I decided to do it for myself. I know how much it costs and hurts when my books sits unsold.

So this is where Literary Musings was born. I love to read and some of the best books I've read recently, I didn't know about until someone asked me to review for them. I promote other authors and review when I can. I dislike giving one star reviews, but I do promise to be honest with the authors who approach me.

In other parts of my life, I sew, love anime and manga, roleplay and board game with friends and I nurse a love of puzzles. 


My Favourite Books:
Sabriel: Garth Nix
Lirael: Garth Nix
Haunted: Kelley Armstrong
These Old Shades: Georgette Heyer
The Masqueraders: Georgett Heyer
The Silver Kiss: Annette Curtis Klause
The Forbidden Game: L J Smith
This Time of Darkness: HM Hoover

Soundtrack of Choice

30 seconds to Mars: Closer to the Edge
Paramore: Decode
Muse: Time is Running Out
Nena and Kim Wilde: Anyplace, Anywhere, Anytime
Disturbed: Prayer
Within Temptation: What have you done?

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