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Sunday, February 22, 2015

The Enchanted Rose by Misty Hills Blog Tour and Giveaway

The Enchanted Rose

Misty Hills

Book One

Nadia Nader

Genre: YA Paranormal

ASIN: B00S99Y4I8

Number of pages: 135

Word Count: Roughly 45,000

Cover Artist: Consuelo Parra

Book Description:

When Vivian’s mother dies in a tragic accident, Vivian’s world is turned upside down. Her life, as she knows it, is over. A new life, full of her mother’s secrets, begins…

Sent away by her father to live with two eccentric aunts on the mysterious Tremaine Estate, Vivian comes to learn that a powerful curse lurks over her family – one that only she may have the power to break. With each day she spends in Misty Hills, Vivian uncovers more unsettling discoveries about the town, her reclusive family, and herself.

Can Vivian let go of every truth she’s ever believed and discover who she really is, before the dark secrets hidden within the supernatural town threaten to consume her and those she loves?

Available at Amazon BN and Kobo


Aunt Beatrice hovered near the table. Her hand clutched the necklace that hung across her chest. “There you are, Vivian! You found her quickly, Agnes! Please, have a seat, before the food gets cold. We usually eat in the kitchen, but it’s nice to use the dining room, especially on special occasions such as this.”

Of course, the girl probably won’t show up for lunch, regardless,” Aunt Agnes said, taking her seat.

She’ll meet Vivian sure enough. They’ll go to school together tomorrow.” Aunt Beatrice fussed at the table and began to serve the meal. “Vivian, you’ll only have a few days in school, and then you'll be off. You’ll get a chance to familiarize yourself with Misty Hills over the winter break. I can show you around the town if you’d like.”

The girl can show her around.”

Who’s the other girl?” I asked. I spooned food onto my plate with enthusiasm. Everything looked and smelled delicious. “Is she my cousin?”

The sudden silence made me glance up.

Aunt Beatrice held a hand over her open mouth. Aunt Agnes had tightened her lips in a thin white line. As I looked back and forth between them, Aunt Beatrice’s features assumed an expression of pity while Aunt Agnes continued to look stormy. My hands tingled in apprehension.

They spoke at the same time, saying the words that forever changed my life.

About the Author:

Nadia Nader lives in Kuwait with her family.

You can contact Nadia on her blog http://www.nadianader.com

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