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Monday, February 23, 2015

Death Herself by Kevin Sargent Book Blitz

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In one of the most tragic eras in mankind's existence, an English soldier encounters the angel of death on the battlefield. He didn't think much of it at the time, especially after losing consciousness, but he would later regret not slaying her the moment she appeared. The Edwardian Era war halts due to the outbreak of the Black Plague and Richard returns home to find his wife dead and his daughter dying. In a desperate attempt to save what remains of his family, Richard leaves his daughter's side and returns to France to hunt the otherworldly being. Could he survive a conflict with such a sinister entity and If he succeeded was he ready to face the unintended consequences of immortality, in a age notorious for death and decay? Line-Separator    

R&R from Iraq PatrickAbout the Author 

Firstly, I must state that I hate writing about myself, so I'm going to make this part a bit more too the point. I was born in Weymouth, MA on June 24, 1986 and lived in various parts of Massachusetts until I was 19. I hadn't accomplished much in life, aside from volunteering at the American Red Cross and obtaining a few computer science certificates; so I decided to look for something more meaningful. I initially wanted to join the Peace Corps, but I never thought I could afford college and you need at least a 2 year degree. After some consideration I decided to join the Army instead. Within two weeks I had talked with a recruiter, went to M.E.P.S, aced my A.S.V.A.B test, and shipped off for basic training. I went through tons of training, jumped out of airplanes, and ended up in R.I.P. I have no idea how I went from wanting to join the Peace Core to being in Ranger training. I basically did my time and was thrilled to transfer back to civilian life, even though it was beyond difficult. I've mainly worked in sales and on the technical side of the communications industry since then, but I have found solace in writing. It's wonderful to create a world were anything and everything could happen. It's a beautiful world beyond the limits of your eyes and even if I found myself starving because I could nothing but write, I'd be happy. I have been searching for an occupation that left me feeling fulfilled my entire life and without a doubt I can say writing is that career. If I succeed I will continue to write, if I fail I will write even more. This is my passion.

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