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Monday, February 9, 2015

Mommy's Chicken Parmigiana

Mommy and I decided to make Chicken Parmigiana the other day, we had not made it so long!

It was so easy and so good. Did you ever wonder why you stopped making something that you used to all of the time?  Well we have decided that we are going to get back to doing all of these things again. We had 2 meals out of this for 6 people each time. All we did each time was to make more pasta. Mommy makes her own sauce from scratch so it is even cheaper. Then we are able to grab it out of the freezer and just defrost it.
We figured out that a dinner like this out would be at least $11 or $12 a person. We spent $9 on the chicken, the loaf of Italian bread was $2. The cheese was $2. The sauce is hard to figure but it probably was about $4 a container it has meat in it. It was less than $18 for 12 meals. You cannot beat that as compared to what it would cost if you ate out. We even had salad, but best of all Mommy's was better tasting!!

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