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Saturday, August 22, 2015


Mommy and Sissy at the Pennsylvania information stop. We are all getting excited to get there. We left the house at  3am.  

This one of the first pictures we took when we got there!  The kids were so excited, they did not want to wait until we parked the car, They just wanted to go in the park as soon as possible and have some fun.

These are signs for getting around the park.

We were able to get one of those double strollers to push the kids around. The park is huge! The kids were really happy to be able to use these. we happened to go when it was over 90 degrees. There were a lot of places to eat and buy presents so you could cool off while walking around.

When you walk into the park there is an official measurement station. Here you are named a certain candy bar by your height and this tells you which rides the kids are able to go on.  This is a really great idea and all the kids there loved it.  Sissy was a Reeses.

The characters walk all around the park and this time Mommy, Bobo and Sissy caught up with the Hershey Bar Man.  These characters are fantastic , they must be really hot underneath their costumes.

Mommy, Daddy, Bobo, and Sissy waiting to go on the whip.   I was surprised that the lines moved really fast. Everything is very well organized. Everyone that worked there were so helpful and nice.

There were a lot of places to stop and eat or just rest around the park.
  Here are Bobo and Sissy getting pointers from Mommy and Daddy on how to win a prize. They both actually won a turtle!  These are squirt guns.

This is Auntie Icky trying to win a huge stuffed Hershey Candy Bar

Daddy and Sissy are on a car. Mommy and Bobo are right behind them.

Mommy and Bobo on a motorcycle.  The kids were so happy.

A really fun ride. This is a child size whip. They wanted to go on it again.

This is the way into the ZooAmerica

This is the view from the Monorail.

There are 2 really cute bears.

This is a lot of chocolate that Sissy is taking home!   Yeh!!  We are going to have a lot of chocolate milk and ice cream sundaes.

We were given tickets by Hershey Park for the purpose of a review. 3 Partners in Shopping picked out and paid for this beautiful key chain. Enter the rafflecopter below for your chance to win it.

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  1. Hersey Park looks like fun! What great pictures. What is your favorite ride or activity?

  2. Do you have any extra keychains you would be willing to give away?

  3. We are also giving away a Hershey Kiss Keychain from Chocolate World on our sidebar. Please enter both . Debra