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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Debt Solutions That Work by Stephen Howe Book Review

             You’re about to discover proven steps and strategies on how to prevent debt and how to stay out of debt. In our lives, we often find ourselves deciding between black and white: whether or not it is necessary to buy something. And if we decide to buy something, how can we get it at the lowest possible price? This trail of thought points to one thing: money is a necessity, but it is scarce for most of us. Hence, our ability to move around is commanded by how much money we have and how much of it are we willing to give up. And if we run out of choices, we turn to debt.

But debt isn't wholly bad. In fact, there’s such a thing as good debt. Mortgage, student loans, and business loans are examples of good debt. These are the things that help us attain positive goals at the expense of negating our financial capabilities.

Then again, debt management is a choice. It’s something that we can choose to live with or abandon altogether. So whether or not we entertain even the slightest hint of preventing debt in order to not be bothered with managing it is a major decision we have to consider. This book will help you see through these things.

My review;

It is truly amazing that there are examples of good debt and bad debt. In this book the author talks about situations such as, business loans, and mortgage loans that are  examples of good debt. The book also explains how to use debt to get the lowest prices for items that we need. It is a great book for anyone who wants to save money and be able to purchase the things that they want and need.  I give this book a 4/5.

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