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Saturday, February 22, 2014

What I Think of Common Core Testing

   Once again we are all talking about testing our children and Common Core. Many parents have finally understood and have decided to opt out of testing for our children. I hate to say I told you so over 25 years ago, but I did.
   When I fought alone, I might say, to not allow the school to test Mommy's little sister, http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com , I was met with people thinking that I must be nuts. I  had to fight  the United States Department of Education for 5 years to finally get them to agree with me that neither the state or any part of government has the right to test our children without us seeing any of the test. At the time they were giving the Mastery Test (in Connecticut) but we were never allowed to see the questions. During the next school year they gave us some sort of nonsense that they called our results but it probably was the same for everyone with a few changes to make it look good.
    I have to wonder, now, if parents wished they had stopped this in the beginning. If they had then we might not be where we are today, fighting across the country for our rights.
    I still find it so hard to accept that our leaders that we elect believe that they have the right to tell us what to do when it comes to our basic rights as parents to teach our children.

   We, as well as Bobo and Sissy are learning a lot. Mommy has experiments and the kids really love them. We have had such a horrible winter with snow storm after snow storm we never had to worry about the kids going and coming home from school safely.
    My answer to anyone who asks me what I think of Common Core is, I tell them that they should opt their kids out and not be afraid to give your explanation why. I served 4 years on our local Board of Education after I was asked to run and I was elected. Local Boards of Education are so swamped with paperwork, getting grants and trying to get help to pass these tests, that we they have no time to spend with the children. All we seemed to do was teach to the test. The children will not learn anything by wasting months in school making sure that we do well on these tests. All we are doing is wasting valuable time, that we cannot get back.

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  1. living outside the USA I don't have to worry about common core testing, I overall can't really think it's a good thing, though I can understand the government liking the idea. :)

    Stopping in from the carnival of homsechooling.