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Tuesday, January 21, 2014

We Were Chosen to Host a Disney on Your Side Party!!!

          Oh my gosh!  We were lucky enough to be chosen to host a Disney on Your Side party!  We got the suitcase, yes I said suitcase filled with wonderful goodies, today. Mickey Mouse plates, napkins cups, plates a banner and cupcake liners. The list goes on. Mickey cookie cutters, balloons HP Packard Paper. Bobo and Sissy will see this stuff if the weather is better tomorrow.
         We have been thinking about ways to show how much we love Disney. I could not contain my excitement and I had to share some pictures.
      Anyone who has read this blog for awhile might remember the castle cake we made Sissy for her birthday and we made Thomas the Train for Bobo. Sissy loves Rapunzel, and all of the princesses. Bobo loves Toy Story, has quite a few of the character figurines, all different sizes. This is the suitcase.

Here is just a little of what is filling  this suitcase.
This is a beautiful poster that we received for our guests.
We will be posting more pictures and ideas in the next few days. I have called so many people that my throat is getting hoarse. Nana

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