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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Master's Book Blog Tour and Giveaway

About The Master’s Book: Sean moves to Brussels to a house that is a crime scene... In 1482 Mary, the last Duchess of Burgundy, lies on her deathbed in a castle in Flanders. She is only 25. In her final moments she makes a wish that, 500 years later, will threaten the lives of a boy and a girl living in Brussels. The Master’s Book is the story of Sean, an Irish teenager, just arrived in Brussels to a house that is also a crime scene. Together with Stephanie, his classmate, he finds an illuminated manuscript, only for it to be stolen almost at once. Where did this manuscript come from? Who was it originally made for? Is there a connection with the beautiful tomb Sean has seen in Bruges? Above all, why does someone want this book so badly that they are prepared to kill for it? Part thriller and part paper-chase, this book is aimed at boys and girls of twelve and over.
We took our seats near the back about ten minutes before the show was due to start. Stephanie sat next to me, with the girls on her other side.
She turned toward me while Jennifer and Nicole talked to one another. “So tell me more about this murder.”
What am I to say? I’d love to tell her what I found this morning, but can I trust her?
“There’s not really much more to tell,” I said. “The house was ransacked, but we don’t know what they were looking for.”
“Hmm. So you don’t think there’s still something hidden somewhere in the house?”
She’s near the mark.
“No, I’m sure there isn’t,” I said, trying to hide my surprise.
“Oh, come on.” She poked my shoulder. “You realise you’ve missed a chance to make up a really good story.”
The laugh I gave mustn’t have been very convincing, maybe because I’d fixed my gaze on the floor. She stared hard at me and suddenly gave me a nudge.
“You’re not telling me everything, you sly thing,” she cried. “You did find something. You were trying to keep it a secret, weren’t you?”
Nicole and Jennifer stopped talking at once and turned to Stephanie.
“What are you talking about, Steph?” asked Nicole.
“Nothing,” said Stephanie quickly.
At least she knows when to keep her mouth shut.
Just then the trailers started, but something told me she wouldn’t give up that easily. It worried me that she might say something in front of Mam later, so I whispered in her ear, “I’ll tell you about it later, but don’t say anything in front of my folks.”
She grinned at me. “Okay. Why don’t I come back to your house when this movie’s over? I can walk home from there.”
“Fine,” I said, not really sure what to think.
All during the movie, I wondered if I could trust her.

Book can be found at: GoodReads | Amazon

Author bio Philip Coleman has worked as a biologist for most of his life—in Ireland, Belgium and now in Switzerland. Having been an avid reader all his life, he took up writing only in 2006. This is his first published novel. He drew his inspiration for the story from the period he spent working for the EU in Brussels. He has a grown-up son and daughter (who were roughly the same ages as Sean and Maeve during the time in Brussels but otherwise aren’t a bit like them at all!). He now lives in France.

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  1. Thanks so much for introducing me to this author. He sounds like someone that I would enjoy reading.