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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Storyland, New Hampshire and Some of Our Fun Day Experiences

Oh my gosh!!!   We went to Story Land in New Hampshire a few days ago!   This was something we have never seen before. Now just picture this; we are reading the "Magic Tree House" books and this was all that I can think of except this is a barn not a tree house. Sissy went in this with her father and her uncle. I took pictures.

This is how it looks when you are just starting the ride.

Then it goes up, I mean really high up.

Then it twist and turns. They said that  they had a lot of fun. We spent the whole day there and we will be sharing more. We were given tickets to go to Story Land free in exchange for a review. These are 100% all of our opinions. We would like to thank Story Land for a beautiful day.


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