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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Eye of Saturn by Idalita Wright Raso Book Tour and Giveaway

Eye of Saturn

The Daughters of Saturn

Book One

Idalita Wright Raso

Genre: Vampire/Horror

Publisher: Solstice Publishing

Date of Publication: 02/23/2016

ISBN: 978-1-62526-334-6


Number of pages: 371

Word Count: 93,774

Cover Artist: Idalita Wright Raso

Book Description:

Blood is the seat of the soul...

Step inside the world’s oldest and darkest religions—Saturn worship, filled with blood rituals, human sacrifices, she-demons, and black magick.

Set in medieval Spain. Felipe de Hayos, the son of a wealthy statesman is forced to marry a mysterious Moorish woman named, Lilith Al-Salameh. But Lilith is hiding a dark secret. She is actually Saturn's Immortal High Priestess, and plans to transform Felipe into an immortal, like herself.

However, Lilith’s plans are dashed when a family friend and her daughter, Zaybeth Castile arrive at the de Hayos estate. It is love at first sight for Felipe and Zaybeth. Learning of her husband’s betrayal, Lilith plots the lover’s destruction and calls upon the Daughters of Saturn to open the Eye of Saturn—cursing Felipe into a vampire for five-hundred-and-fifty years and Zaybeth into the only one who can destroy him.


After HIS long slumber, Saturn, the Great Father, awoke and opened HIS all-seeing Eye. Staring out into the black cosmic abyss, the god spoke in a thunderous voice.

Sapirla ne’kab vitoar zop’kab shael!” (Blood is the seat of the soul!) Saturn’s words had awakened the void and breathed life into the universe, thus marking the beginning of time.

Saturn then waved HIS golden scythe, sending powerful lightning bolts streaking across the vast universe. Dust particles swooshed and swirled while elements joined together, until they formed an infinite number of luminous stars, nebulae, and planets. Saturn made HIS planet sixth—HIS sacred number, HIS seal.

Everything in the cosmos bore Saturn’s seal. In some galaxies HIS seal was symbolized by a six-pointed star. In other realms the sacred number was depicted as a hexagram or a black cube. It was a number—six hundred and sixty-six. This sacred number was the very fabric upon which the universe was built. It was a powerful, magickal mathematical equation and the perfect construct for an invisible, inescapable matrix—that placed all beings great and small, rich and poor, free and slave under HIS control.

To oversee the countless worlds in the universe, Saturn created a legion of gods in HIS image. They resided within the rings around HIS planet, forming the Council of Gods. Saturn selected forty-two principal gods to act as overlords, among them was Apollyon, whom the Great Father affectionately called, Pluto.

Saturn extended HIS hand and a glorious band of light flooded the cosmos. Out of the wondrous light, a winged figure emerged. The majestic white wings of this magnificent being opened up like a blossoming flower—it was a woman. Her skin was a translucent, icy, blue. She wore a loosely draped, sheer white sheath that barely covered her flawless, round breasts. A halo adorned her head as her long white hair cascaded over her shoulders. Upon her neck she wore a gold six-pointed star.

You are my daughter, and I shall name you, Isis.”

Salzol ShBThAI! Salzol ShBThAI! Salzol ShBThAI!” (Hail Saturn! Hail Saturn! Hail Saturn!) Isis said in Solsatihel, the language of her Father, Saturn—the first language of the gods and of the universe.

Saturn stretched forth HIS hand and this time two winged, translucent, icy, blue figures emerged—Asira and Dusana. Asira, a raven-haired beauty and the taller of Isis’ two sisters, held on tightly to Dusana’s hand. The ethereal specters bowed before the Great Father and embraced their sister.

Daughters, I empower you with the gift of immortality, the power to heal, create, destroy, and the ability to travel through time and space. As my daughters, you are my messengers—my angels.”

Saturn’s scythe began emitting beams of electrical energy. The rays of energy bathed the sisters in a blue light.

Go forth and transcribe my laws, sacred ceremonies, prayers, and spells into sixty Sacred Scrolls. So that every being in the cosmos may know that I am their god and how to exalt me, and keep my laws. You three shall become the guardians of the scrolls.”

Saturn held out HIS hand to Isis. Sa’hal!” (Come!)

Isis placed her hand in her father’s and then vanished, arriving on Rhea, the planet Saturn’s second largest moon.

Isis, being my eldest daughter, I bestowed upon you all wisdom so that you may intercede on my behalf. I am entrusting you with all of my magickal knowledge,” the Great Father decreed.

Isis listened carefully to her father’s words, meticulously recording HIS every magickal secret. She fashioned them into the Six Forbidden Scrolls. Raising her arms upward, Isis summoned the magick of the universe. Sorcery bound the scrolls and funneled them inside six solid gold cylinders. Sparks flew as an invisible hand engraved the cylinders with Saturn’s insignia—a scythe inside a six pointed star resting on a flat, black, onyx stone.

Isis knew the Forbidden Scrolls had to be protected. Anyone armed with the scrolls’ magick could open Saturn’s all-seeing Eye and create or destroy an entire universe, transform beings, unleash the Judgment Seat to punish anyone who opposed them—or far worse! They would have the power to send Saturn into an eternal sleep and, ultimately, control the universe.

Isis hid the scrolls in the last place anyone would go looking for them—deep inside Pan, the oddly-shaped, innermost of the planet Saturn’s moons.

Although Saturn had created an infinite number of planets, there was one planet, in particular, the Great Father favored more than the others—Earth. It was HIS grandest creation. Saturn generously filled the planet with animals of every kind, beast, and fowl. HE gave the lands life-sustaining water and lush vegetation, but something was still missing—a caretaker.

Crafted in the image of HIS daughters—beautiful and beguiling—Saturn created woman and made her Earth’s mother. HE gave woman HIS sacred number—six, and vested her with a special gift, the power of creation. In time, woman gave birth to man, and like woman, man’s number was also six. Their off-spring was also given Saturn’s sacred number.

Thus, the human covenant with Saturn, like all beings of the universe, was six hundred and sixty-six. The number of man’s Third Eye, his spirituality—his direct connection to the creator. Now man was a part of Saturn’s matrix.

Isis, Asira, and Dusana obeyed their father’s commandment and taught man the importance of keeping Saturday, Saturn’s Sabbath Day, Holy and Saturn’s sacred rituals, which often required human sacrifices and the drinking of blood.

Sapirla ne’kab vitoar zop’kab shael!” (Blood is the seat of the soul!)

Saturn was so pleased with Earth and man, HE spent the first millennium residing on the planet as a man-god, making HIS home at the summit of the world axis—the North Pole. The time Saturn spent on Earth was known as the Golden Age. During this period, there were no wars, famine or disease. Mankind lived peacefully in lush fertile lands of flowing milk and honey.

About the Author:

Idalita Wright Raso grew up in Ohio. She is an established news reporter/photojournalist and has worked for the Lake County Gazette in Jefferson, Ohio. Currently Idalita is contracted with Solstice Publishing. Eye of Saturn: The Daughters of Saturn Book One is her debut novel.

Idalita has a deep interest in astronomy, mythology, science fiction, the occult, and horror. Her love for writing came after reading Edgar Allan Poe’s “The Fall of the House of Usher.” Her love for vampires came the moment she read Bram Stoker’s “Dracula.”

The Eye of Saturn is a four part series. Currently Idalita is working on book two, which she hopes to release spring 2018.

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