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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Jackpot Candle Jewelry Review !!!!

I have always wanted to try to see what I would get if I burned a Jackpot candle!! First you get to pick out whatever scent you want. That was a hard decision. They have so many scents to choose from. Then you can decide if you want to get  a ring, earrings or a necklace.

I could not wait. First of all I picked my favorite scent. Lilac. I cannot tell you how nice this smelled while it was burning. The whole house smelled wonderful.


After about 3 hours of me getting more excited this showed up. I had to wait until I could get it out. It is a piece of tinfoil.


I pulled it , it was really hot and put it on a napkin. I started to open it up.

You can see that it was wrapped in plastic. That was the size and the ring has a piece of paper on it that you look up on their website to see what it is worth.

Oh my gosh!!  What a gorgeous ring !!!

My ring was worth $20.00 but it looks like more.

The picture does not do it justice. I cannot begin to tell you how much fun this was. I cannot wait to do it again. I was given the candle by Jackpot Candle Company for a review and all opinions are my own.   www.jackpotcandles.com

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