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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Restless Earth and Blessing Sky by Emily Mah Blog Tour and Giveaway

Welcome to my tour stop for Restless Earth and Blessing Sky by Emily Mah!  This is a YA/NA high fantasy series.  This is book 1 and 2 of The Sky Chariots Saga. The tour runs July 20 - 31 with reviews, author interviews, guest posts and excerpts. Check out the tour page for the full schedule.

About Restless Earth:

For over a thousand years, the Tanoa have relied on their Earth Shamen to bring rich harvests, temper stone tools and weapons, and imbue pottery with strength like metal. Now, though, the bloodline has dwindled to one Shaman, Tuwa, who is trapped high in the mountains, holding bedrock together to prevent a volcanic eruption while the rest of her people flee to safety. The only way to save the village is for her to sacrifice herself and buy them the time they need to evacuate.But her grandson, Ahote, refuses to abandon her to die. Rather than do as she asks—marry and bear daughters who might inherit her gift—he sets out to find the one person who might be able to save Tuwa’s life.Kasha is a Tanoa girl in who lives in Solace, a city of the pale-skinned Andalanos. If the Engineers Guild ever discovers her gender or race, they could order her execution—for in violation of the King’s law, Master Engineer Seamus trained Kasha as his apprentice. She is a genius in all things mechanical and earned her master certification when only fourteen years old. Since Seamus’s death, she has been discreetly working his job as the City Engineer.She knows there is no machine or technology that can save Tuwa. In order to complete this task, Kasha must invent a vehicle unlike anything the world has ever seen, and risk exposure and death in the process.

About Blessing Sky:

Master Engineer Kasha lives in hiding. As a Tanoa and a woman, she has no legal right to her title, and risks expulsion or even execution if the Guild discovers her identity. For over a year she has served as the City Engineer of the Andalano city of Solace, home to the Winged Riders and their pegasus mounts.Now, though, her people need her. The last of their Earth Shamen is trapped in the mountains, holding back a volcanic eruption so that the rest of her people can escape. It is a job for only the greatest of all engineers, and that happens to be Kasha.But when her kinsman, Ahote, breaks the most sacred law of the Winged Riders, an alliance with him means certain death. Kasha must work alone to solve the most difficult engineering problem of all time before the summer months are done and winter comes to claim the life of the Shaman and the hope of her people.
When Kasha was fourteen, Master Seamus’s health began to fail. It was on a day when the skies were dark and rain pattered against his slate roof that he sat her down for a serious conversation. The wet weather, which made most people moan with discomfort, always enlivened him. He loved to put his iron kettle on the fire and brew up cup after cup of strong tea while the cold air seeped in under the doorway and through the shuttered windows, and he seemed to prefer the muted lantern light to the bright sunshine that lit their workspace at the back of the store on ordinary days.
So when he wore a serious expression on a day such as this, Kasha’s stomach knotted with fear. She was old enough now to see how his decision to train her drove a wedge between him and his fellows. There were still tradesmen who refused to work with him, even if this meant they lost jobs that required collaboration with an engineer. Today, she decided, was the day he told her it was all over. She had hoped to keep her position until he passed on, but perhaps he’d had a moment of clarity in one of his recent bouts of fever.
She sat on the hard wooden chair opposite his desk, the chair that she used to perch on with her short legs dangling, and waited while he poured her a cup of tea, which he handed her with exaggerated reverence.
“If you were a typical journeyman,” he said, “you would be of age to go to the Engineers College and there study for your final exams to become a master.”
“But there is no such thing as a traditional journeywoman,” said Kasha.
“Yes, precisely. It’s an interesting blind spot they have.”
She hadn’t much liked him calling the rule that prevented her from the life she wanted most “an interesting blind spot.”
He hadn’t noticed her chagrin, though, and went on to say, “They do not, in fact, specify that an applicant be any gender or race. They don’t even ask for that information.”
Kasha shook her head. “That doesn’t mean they’d admit me to the College.”
“Ah, but there is a way to elevate someone to the sash without them attending the College. It’s a little used provision, reserved for times of hardship, which does apply here. We are far removed from the Guild headquarters, and my health is poor, so I cannot be expected to
travel with you to Port Andalia. The kingdom is about to go to war, so even able-bodied masters are eschewing long journeys these days.”
“You can’t use such a provision to get around their rules.”
“It is done, Kasha.”
“What is done?”
He smiled, then, and opened one of the drawers in his desk. She stared as he placed a fine wooden box, emblazoned with the Guild Seal, on top of the usual stacks of paper that he always left piled up. “Your sash.”
Reality became dreamlike. She felt as if she stared at him through a mental haze. “What?”
“You are Engineer Kasha.”
“I put together a portfolio of your work and obtained a testimonial from Magistrate Xavier. I of course provided a testimonial myself. The only anomaly in your application was the lack of a second name.”
“Master Seamus—”
“It’s just Seamus now. We are equals. Traditionally, masters use their second name, but here in Wingmount things are a bit more informal. I am Master Seamus, not Master McClead, so you can be Engineer Kasha. No one will find it odd.”
“You stretched the rules.”
“I followed them to the very letter. Now, I know your situation isn’t ideal, but accept what is yours.” He pushed the box toward her.
“I can’t wear it.”
“But you can have it. You have earned it. Someday, I hope you can wear it as well.”
About the Author:
Emily writes as both Emily Mah (for science fiction and fantasy) and E.M. Tippetts (for chick lit). Her short stories have appeared in Analog Science Fiction and Fact, The Black Gate, and anthologies like The Dragon and the Stars, Shanghai Steam, and The Change: Tales of Downfall and Rebirth.  Her E.M. Tippetts novels have been on the Amazon Top 100 numerous times, and her novel, Someone Else's Fairytale was semi-finalist for the Best Indie Book of the Year -  Kindle Book Review, and a runner up in Romance for the Best of the Independent Book Awards - eFestival of Words. She is a graduate of the Clarion West Writer's Workshop for Science Fiction and Fantasy and Viable Paradise Writers Workshop, and she often teaches the unit on self-publishing at the Taos Toolbox Writers Workshop.When she is not writing or chasing small children, she manages E.M. Tippetts Book Designs, her company which offers formatting, cover design, and editing services to authors and publishers.
Website | Facebook | Twitter @EmilyMah | YouTube

Restless Earth:

Blessing Sky:

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