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Friday, June 24, 2016

Regina Shen by Lance Erlick Book Tour and Book 2 Vigilance Book Review

Regina Shen:  Resilience (Book 1)

Shen is an outcast forced to fend for herself in a world that bans
books and artifacts from before the Great Collapse. An approaching storm
could be the least of her problems. The World Federation condemns
Regina and her family to live on the seaward side of barrier walls.
Those walls were built to hold back rising seas caused by abrupt climate
change and as a place to dump outcasts.

hurricane threatens to destroy Regina’s world, tearing her from sister,
mom, and home. Now Federation agents claim she has unique DNA that
could prevent human extinction. It's too bad she doesn't trust them
enough to barter fairly, let alone with her life.
Three-hundred-plus-year-old Grand Old Dames rule the all-female
Federation using a rigid caste system. Their notorious Department of
Antiquities, under the command of Chief Inspector Joanne Demarco,
polices barrier walls, destroys knowledge from the past to suppress
dissent, and pursues Regina for her genome.

survives by her wits on swampy islands and thrives on salvage from
sunken cities, including illegal print books from before the Federation.
With her photographic (eidetic) memory, she defies Antiquities by
consuming salvaged books not available in the Federation, which makes
her an outcast even among her exiled peers. With Antiquities in pursuit,
Regina fights to stay alive and avoid capture while hunting for her
family. Does she have the resilience to survive both the storm and

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Regina Shen:  Vigilance (Book 2)

two years of training, outcast Regina Shen prepares to jump the barrier
wall into the World Federation to hunt for her sister, but nothing goes
according to plan. The Federation condemns Regina and her family to
live on the seaward side of barrier walls.

two years she avoided capture. Now the Federation is desperate to
exploit her unique DNA in order to prevent human extinction. She would
rather die than help the people who kidnapped her sister. The
Federation’s notorious Department of Antiquities, under the command of
Chief Inspector Joanne Demarco, polices barrier walls, destroys
knowledge from the past, and pursues Regina for her genome. Now Demarco
has a ruthless rival who aims to capture Regina as a means to overthrow

has survived by her wits on swampy islands and salvage from sunken
cities, including illegal print books not available in the Federation.
Her photographic (eidetic) memory, access to these books, and an amazing
teacher just may help her reach the university town in the Federation
where they’re holding her sister. Pursued by Antiquities, Regina jumps
the wall into the Federation.

making new friends and enemies, she must use her wits to avoid letting
either of two rival inspectors capture her. Can she rescue her sister
from an obvious trap?

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Regina Shen:  Defiance (Book 3)

the run, outcast Regina Shen is determined to stop the Federation’s
relentless attacks on her family and friends, but the stakes are much
higher now and she is deep in foreign and hostile territory.

Federation condemned Regina to live on the seaward side of barrier
walls, but she crossed into the Federation where she continues to
survive by her wits. Competing Federation agents vie to capture her and
use her to acquire power, based on her genome being the key to prevent
human extinction. When her sister is kidnapped again and agents close
in, Regina flees west with a friend across deserts created by abrupt
climate change.

on swampy islands and underwater salvage, they must adapt to different
harsh environments. Guided by her photographic (eidetic) memory of
illegal print books from before the Federation, Regina is determined to
defy the Federation and find a treasure big enough to barter for freedom
for her and her sister. In the cat-and-mouse game, can she find allies
and ways to escape the Federation dragnet long enough to discover
something to trade?

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Book Description for Regina Shen: Endurance (book 4):

by her own mother, outcast Regina Shen has been trying to free her
sister. Instead, she becomes a pawn in the World Federation’s struggle
for power and succession.

fertility has collapsed and the World Premier is dying, leading to a
crisis of leadership. Battle lines are forming and Regina holds the keys
to resolving the fertility crisis with her genome and elevating whoever
can capture and control her into positions of power. Using her
photographic (eidetic) memory of illegal books, she also holds the key
to locating ancient artifacts that could save or destroy the Federation.
In holding these keys, Regina should be treated as a queen, but
outcasts aren’t even allowed to become citizens.

survived the swamps, deserts, and wilderness, Regina continues to try
to barter for freedom for her and her sister, but the stakes are too
high. Federation agents hound Regina to uncover ancient artifacts and
serve herself up as a lab specimen to prevent human extinction. The
disgraced Inspector Joanne Demarco pretends to be Regina’s ally to get
her to deliver the location of ancient DNA vaults that could change the
balance of power. Meanwhile, ruthless rivals are willing to do anything
to destroy Demarco and control Regina.

new journey will test her endurance, her ability to recognize
opportunities, and her knack for avoiding capture. She will also face a
tragedy and a strange twist of destiny that will shake her to her core
and get her to question everything. Will she be able to overcome
adversity or will she descend down an even more dangerous path?

Buy the book:   Amazon   Barnes & Noble (Not yet listed. Set to be released at the end of May)

Author's Bio:

was raised by a roaming aerospace engineer, growing up in various parts
of the United States and Europe, as well as traveling through Asia. He
took to stories as his anchor, including the works of Asimov, Bradbury,
and Heinlein, and has been writing since age eleven.

Growing up, he was inspired by his father’s engineering work on cutting-edge aerospace projects to look to the future.

an ideal world, Lance would find time loops where he could step out for
a week at a time to read and write. Then he would return to the moment
he left, without life getting in the way. Of course, since everyone
would have the same ability, he suspects life would still sneak in.

Lance is also the author of short stories and novelettes.

Connect with the author:  Website   Twitter   Facebook   Goodreads
  My review of Book 2 called Vigilance;

I enjoyed Book 2 in the series called "Regina Shen" as much as I liked the first book.  Regina Shen has done all that she can to try to stay alive and not get caught by the horrible people that want to use her body to save others. She finally after 2 years has figured out a way to jump the Barrier Wall to try to get to her sister who she knows has been taken by these people. Has she done enough and learned  all that she can to save her sister and keep herself free? After all she is the one that they want. Maybe they will let her sister go now. When she gets to her sister, if she can, there are very hard decisions that she must make. Will she be able to make the hard choices? I am so excited to start reading Book 3 in this series. I give this book a 5/5. I was given this book for a  review and all opinions are mine.

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