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Thursday, September 19, 2013

The Dinosaur Place in Oakdale, Connecticut Review

The first thing we saw was this huge dinosaur!!   Bobo and Sissy loved it!!

These are made like they really were something you cannot imagine by reading about them and how big they really were.

As you walked along the beautiful path you can not only see them you can learn about them.
                                          This scene shows how they looked.

They were in all different scenes and you sometimes had to look in the woods for them.

These are really scary.

There was a lot of information on these plaques.

Bobo and Sissy were so excited!!

Along the path they even had little boxes that you put your hand in and tried to guess what was inside. This one had different size eggs.
 We had to have some fun.

Then we had more fun.

This was actually showing how  big the nest and the eggs were.

They both loved the horns on this one!

These were hidden in the bushes.

This one was huge!!

There were so many!!

These were in a small stream.

We could not believe the nails on this guy!

You can almost imagine how he sounded like when he yelled.

Guess who is on top of this stone????

Bobo and Sissy said that they were waiting to see this one.

They even have a working volcano.

Look at the big neck.

They had a playground.

Of course the kids had to have ice cream which they  could not even finish!

This is Mommy's little sister Deal Sharing Aunt, having fun with Bobo and Sissy.

This is Bobo in The Bone Zone.

Sissy trying to find a dinosaur fossil,  Guess what she did find one, she even knew what kind it was!

They even had a paleontologist show how the archeologist dug up bones with small brushes.
They got a small box that had real fossils in it.

They learned hands on how they mined for minerals crystals.

This is Bobo trying to find some.
This is Sissy in a cave finding minerals and that they got to keep in the little pails.

They also panned for nuggets in a small stream, and they got a small bag that tied to keep what they found.

I believe that Bobo and Sissy learned more in one day that they would have learned in a book in days, maybe weeks. Someone can explain how big they were, how they went into dark caves and how the miners worked. The kids were actually able to do it for themselves. They want to go back and take more of the family with us, You could very easily spend the whole day there and not see everything that it has to offer.
Thank you to The Dinosaur for helping Bobo and Sissy have a great fun as well as learning day.

We cannot wait to go back!

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