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Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Fiery Secrets by Stephanie McCall Book Review

Stephanie McCall
HopeSprings Books
382 pp.
Romantic Suspense
When it comes to trial, God either spares you from it totally, asks you to walk through it, or delivers you from it by taking you to Heaven. Dr. Grace Taylor, a driven pediatrician and single mom, needs divine intervention if she’s going to heal from the actions of her cheating, abusive ex-husband. But she never thought God would work through Chris Anderson, a tutor at the local learning center whose secrets keep him from opening up to her. Both Grace and Chris have been asked to walk through their trial by fire; they’ve come out alive, but they still smell like smoke. Despite fears and distrust, love begins to take root in their hearts. But their fiery secrets threaten to keep them apart, and blister their souls.

My review,
Fiery Secrets is the story of 2 lost people that have lost all that they believe in. They must learn to trust each other before they  can have any kind of future together. The problem is that because of their past experiences that they have chosen to keep secret from each other, they may never learn to trust again. They are brought together by what seems to be fate. Will Grace's son be the bridge between them? They have to be honest in order to go on with their lives. Will God show them the way and will their faith pull them through? I have given this book a 5/5, I really enjoyed all of it. I was given this book by Bookcrash book review program for the purpose of a review and all opinions are 100% my own.

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