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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Bobo and Sissy Loved Storyland They Want To Go Back, Right Now!

Our day at Storyland. Stay tuned we are going to have a giveaway as soon as we can post the picture,
Guess who this is? Mommy and Sissy with Cinderella, I think Mommy is having as much fun as Sissy.
                      Here is Bobo with Auntie Lala and Uncle Mike driving an antique car.

Bobo is having fun with the Mad Hatter!  The Mad Hatter was a riot. All of the kids there wanted to do silly things with him during the Character Dinner. Usually Bobo is a little shy, not today!!
Sissy is with Alice in Wonderland.
At the end of the day right before the park closes they have a party with the characters near the exit. This is Mommy, Auntie Icky,( http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com ) dancing with Bobo and Sissy.

When the kids get tired they have huge wagons to drive them around in. I wish they had one for the older people.
                                   Sissy is getting a hug by Clifford the Red Dog!!

Humpty Dumpty with Auntie Icky and Sissy.

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