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Friday, September 28, 2012


   I was given the book The Trouble With Cowboys by Denise Hunter for the purpose of a book review. Who doesn't love a cowboy? Annie Wilkerson is a premier horse trainer in Moose Creek. She also is a columnist about horses for Montana Living.  She is trying to put her younger sister through college so her money is very tight. She is also trying to take care of her young  nephew.   Then her column is cancelled and they offer her a chance to write for a lovelorn column. It is a new column and she is asked first. There is no choice, she needs the money.  There is a problem she has to overcome, she has never been in love.
     Even though she is hesitant to make a deal with Dylan Taylor a ladies man in town, she decides to give it a try.  If he helps her write the column she will take care of his sick horse. Annie comes to the conclusion that it is very hard to work with Dylan. For many years she has kept her heart safe by always believing that cowboys are always trouble. The closer they work Annie starts to think differently about him.She has to be strong so she will not get hurt.
   Annie continues to try to be in control of her life, but the more she tries the worse things get. Her sister is making her life out of her control with her behavior and she begins to have feelings that she cannot control.  She wants to give her feelings to God , but this has not been an easy choice for her. Then Dylan tells her of his feelings for her. Annie is trying to try to decide if she should trust her head or her heart which she may hurt. Maybe this is the cowboy that she will find  is a different kind. I was given this book by www.Booksneeze.com  books .
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