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Tuesday, September 11, 2012


    So now we have other reasons to home school our children.  Now we are hearing on TV that dentists are going into schools, holding kids down and performing dental procedures on children without parental consent.  The really scary  thing in all of this is that in the comments some parents say that they see nothing wrong with this action! Some of the teachers think that this is okay!
   We as parents need to stick together and stop this! I would encourage anyone who has children in school to be very vigilant.  I am so very afraid for our children.
   On another note I really cannot begin to tell you how much the DOLLAR TREE store close to our house stocks school supplies. They have maps, flash cards, forms for children to learn to write their letters and more. They have a lot of items for craft projects.  Every time we go there we end  up finding tons of things.
The ipad is still a big hit and we have to have sharing time limits to be able to use it. Maybe someday when the prices come down we will be able to get two.
We will begin working on learning to tell time. We are working on sight words and blending sounds together to form  words. Everyday is a new wonderful  experience, and that is what school should be about !!


  1. What? Dentists in schools? Wouldn't surprise me, but I'd sue the school if that happened to my kids.

    The dollar tree is great for anything for kids. Love shopping there with my boys.

    My son has an iPad and he loves it. So many educational apps on there. Unfortunately, I don't think prices will come down except on older models.

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