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Friday, September 21, 2012

   Last Sunday Mommy, Daddy, Auntie Lala , Uncle Lala went with Bobo and Sissy apple picking. What a difference a year makes. They were taller and more interested. They picked a ton of apples. Mommy made lazy apple pie, and baked some apples for dessert. Daddy couldn't stop eating the hot apples! Auntie Lala can't stop eating them just like they are.
   We talked about the seeds and how a tree grows. Auntie Lala told the story of Johnny Appleseed which I think is a little different version than I knew.
   We also got a few sugar pumpkins which we are going to paint, then use some for pumpkin pie. The kids will be able to carve them right before Halloween. When Mommy and her sisters and brother were small I remember buying sugar pumpkins that lasted right up to Christmas and I was able to make an pumpkin pie.
   We started collecting different leaves that have fallen off of our trees. We will then do a project trying to identify the different trees that they came from. We have been trying  to be frugal this year. This the first time that we have our own corn husks to decorate with this year, Usually we buy a bunch. When the weather gets like this I always want to start baking and love the cool nights.
   Hey, I just thought of another reason we like homeschooling, we won't have to go out in the bad weather or wait for the schools to be closed for the day due to snow. My kids and other people that know mew are probably laughing right now. I was known as the mother who did not send her kids to school in the morning if it had already started snowing and it called for more. Not after the time I did believe the weather man and I had a frightening half an hour trying to get my precious babies home.
   After that we just watched on TV and hoped that others got home okay. The kids are really doing well on the homeschooling. Whenever we go our we let them pay so that they will start to learn the diferent coins and what they are worth.

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