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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


The question for Day 12 is How was your class reunion?

When it came time for my 5th class reunion my husband and I were able to attend both his and mine. We both graduated the same year, two towns next to each other. It was nothing spectacular, the same kids saying the same things, just a little older. They were in fact to old to  keep acting like they were still in high school. My husband's was a better reunion. I knew a lot of the people he graduated with and we had a great time!
When it came time for our 10th reunions they were both on the same day ! Just like when we were in high school and our senior parties were on the same  day.  We decided to go my husband's reunion. It was because we had decided to buy a house in my husband's hometown and I was involved in politics we decided to attend his. We got to have a great time.

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