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Saturday, September 8, 2012


I am very sorry that I am so late getting up to speed but there were circumstances beyond my control (a bat in one of our houses.) Mommy's little sister http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com has reminded me to get with it.

Day 1 the question was Why have you decided to participate in the Autumn Blog Challenge ?  Because I love to hear from other bloggers what their ideas are and to share mine.

Day 2 What is my favorite thing about Autumn   That's easy, I love the cooler nights, the crisp air and to get  baking again. I love to see pumpkins sometimes as far as the eye can see

Day 3 The toys I played with as  a child.    I remember playing for hours with my Barbie dolls and pretending to be like them

Day 4 Have you ever met a celebrity ? I met Rachel Ray who was a really nice person, I met both the President George Bush. I met some of the younger Presidents family. I met Phyllis Diller. I was also a contestant on a game show

Day 5 A favorite play or concert I attended was Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Day 6 Next year I want to read almost any book. I love historical romances and Amish stories

Day 7 Where was I when The Twin Towers fell. My mother called and woke us up to watch the news about the first plane. We all thought it was an accident. While we were watching the second one hit. I remember calling all of our family to be sure we were all okay. Then we sat all day and could not believe the horror that we were watching unfold right in front of us


  1. We get bats in our house every once in a while. I have no idea how those boogers get in.

    When catching them, invest in a good fishing net. When we get one flying around, we try to isolate by closing doors. They get caught up in the net and we just dump them outside.

    Cats are good at hunting them down. When they find one, you will know! Our cat actually killed one once, so beware.

    Chances are if they come in once, they'll keep coming back in. Let me know if you find a good way to determine how they're getting in.

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