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Friday, September 28, 2012


      Yesterday, one of our lessons was  a math lesson. Auntie Icky had printed out big numbers on sheets of paper. We know that Bobo and Sissy already know their numbers to plus 100 but we keep reinforcing adding and subtracting. Bobo and Sissy took each paper, which were numbered up to 20 and laid them out on the floor in order. Then Auntie Lala took a big container that they have full of animals and asked each one to take out the amount they wanted and then to place them on the right numbered page. After we had done all that we took them away in different amounts. They did fantastic!!
   We are starting to figure out our weekly menu for next week. One thing is certain Mommy has to make a big batch of homemade sauce and meatballs to freeze in different containers ready to defrost on a busy day. It saves so much time and they are so easy to pull out of the freezer in the morning for dinner. We love to do this especially on the nights that Sissy has dancing school.
    Just a side note, if anyone has a PRICE CHOPPERS GROCERY STORE near you tomorrow Saturday only they have turkey breast on sale for $.99 a pound. They average 6-9 pounds.That is a great buy. You only allowed to get 2 per person. They are great on weekends and for leftovers during the week. They also have potatoes on sale for $1.99 or 10  pounds, a great start to a great dinner for about $7.00. This is for a family of at least 4 with another night for leftovers.
   Now that colder weather is coming it is nice to cook comfort food and be cozy. In the next few days we will have our menu done. Some people do them by the month, we are not that ambitious.


  1. Too bad I don't have a pricechopper shop around here, sounds like great buys.
    New follower from the hop.

  2. you did't miss mutch they where sold out by 9 am !!

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