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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


We are exhausted! Sunday was Nana's parents 60th Wedding Anniversary. Yep, 60 years. We had relatives from all over, California, Maine, New York, Washington DC and more. Now we need to get back to work.
   The IPad is still by far the best thing we ever bought for the kids. I was watching the news last night and a school system nearby voted to give freshmen and sophomores IPads next year. It will cost over $200,000 just the first year.
   I also  am very concerned with all of the reports about high stakes testing. Just one more reason not to send your child to school and to homeschool! I know I have said it before and I must sound like a broken record, no one can force you to allow your child to take a test, especially if the test is not handed over to the parents like they are now.  The real issue is that the Constitution guarantees our right to direct our child's education.
   I am really concerned that so many are running around trying to explain to parents how to opt out their child. There is no need for all of this. It is simple. Just say no! If they want it in writing just write I do not want my child to take this test. If they have already taken the test and the school refuses to hand it over then again write a letter citing the law and demand it, in a nice way. If that doesn't work go as high up as you have to. When I fought and won in 1999 I went all the way to the United States Department of Education. It took awile but I won.
    If I had my way standardized testing would be outlawed.
    We are continuing to work on basic math. I cannot wait to use the table we made , shown in an earlier post that was a dressmakers board that has inches already on the board. It is so rewarding to see them learn and see how much they want to learn.
   Once again our family is happy we made the choice to homeschool.

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