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Wednesday, September 5, 2012


So, where do I start? Last week Mommy and Daddy had a bat fly around the house so Mommy immediately put Bobo and Sissy in the car and drove over to Nana's house. On the advice of their pediatrician they both had to get the rabies vaccine which is 6 shots total. Mommy and Daddy each got 9 altogether. They are given as a group and then one each every few days.  I had to also get 9 shots the next day because I was exposed. Mommy's sister www.dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com and Uncle M. also had to get the shots because they tried to help Daddy catch it.
The police came 2 times that night and could not find it. We called a professional in the next day and after hours of searching could not find it. Daddy had to sit up for 3 nights and see if he saw it flying around, but it never did. On Monday  we had all of the rugs shampooed and we cleaned every and all the kids rooms top to bottom. Auntie Lala and Uncle Lala were helping us because we really thought that it was finally gone.When Uncle Lala moved a shelf in the corner, guess what , he found the dead bat. Now naturally being a holiday no one wanted to help us so we took it to the vet to see what they could do. Then Auntie and Uncle Lala had to go to the Hospital to get their shots. Now we have to shampoo the rug all over again. First a broken stove and a bat all in one week. We are all exhausted and we all need a vacation.


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