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Saturday, September 15, 2012


    How does the saying go? You never really know what is in your own backyard. This afternoon we went to a beautiful well known park a few miles away from our house.  We could not believe what they had there. There was a big playground with swings, slides, merry go rounds and monkey bars. The kids had a ball. Then there is a beautiful garden called a serenity garden which I loved. They also had a concession stand and the prices were not at all unreasonable.
   Bobo and Sissy had fun with the other kids who were all happy to be there, too!  We have been and still are looking around for different places to go to be around other children and to learn something at the same time. There was also a Nature Center which had stuffed animals such as a bear, a wolf, a bobcat and a possum to name a few. Then there was a button to push that tells all about that animal. Even in the garden there were buttons that told of the story of the plants that were grown there. There were live animals too, ducks, huge swans. roosters, geese, chickens, an owl and a peacock.
   We were able to get three components in this afternoon, teaching, learning, and socializing and above all we had fun doing this! One of the most important things that I hope I pass on to my grandchildren is my and my late husband's (their Poppie's) love of US History !
    We both loved reading about the early days of our Country being founded. We loved to read about the principles that our Country was founded on and what our early leaders endured so we would be strong today. We as a family do not think that our public schools are teaching enough of this subject today, something they did when we were attending school.  I am not sure if they even talk about the Declaration of Independence or our Bill of Rights, something we used to have to recite. We had to read and learn poems like Old Ironsides. We will be taking a trip soon to Sturbridge Village and will be seeing some of this kind of living in those days.
    That is one reason why our family has embraced Homeschooling, we decide what we believe is really important to know, not someone else.

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