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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Midnight Runes by Celeste Buie Book Blitz and Giveaway

Midnight Runes (The Bestowed Ones, #1)
Release Date: 05/21/14

Summary from Goodreads:

Brynn Emerson has always been in control of her life—until a mysterious stranger invades her dreams and her boyfriend, Trevor, suddenly dumps her.

Life gets more complicated when secretive newcomer Landon shows up at school. The playful and handsome Landon is somehow connected to Brynn’s ex-boyfriend.

Determined to find out how they know each other, Brynn draws closer to Landon…only to realize too late that she's risking more than she thought possible.

Meanwhile, a person of power has his sights on Brynn. Will Trevor and Landon work together to keep her safe? Or will she be pulled against her will into their mysterious world?


I loved the beach. The sound of the gentle waves diffusing across the sand, the heat of the sun, and the calm breeze gliding over my skin relaxed me. My friends’ muted voices carried over the distance, in harmony with the sea gulls’ calls and rhythm of the waves. I felt peace.

Leaving footprints for the waves to wash away, I walked along the shoreline, looking for brightly colored or uniquely shaped stones. Finding distinctive items was another of my favorite activities here. I’ve even found worn sea glass—or lake glass—on occasion. I kept everything I found in a glass cylinder on my dresser.

A glint of light in the sand caught my eye. Before I could act, a wave covered it. Thinking it was a nickel or a bottle cap, I waited for the water to retreat. The water pulled away and exposed a few silver links. I plunged my hand into the sand and plucked it out before it was lost again. I used the rushing water from the next wave to remove the remaining sand in my hand and looked at it.

It glistened in the sunlight. It was the most beautiful, intricate bracelet I’d ever seen. Stunned at my discovery, my first thought was that I couldn’t possibly keep it. I glanced around, trying to spot anyone looking for something lost. How would I find the rightful owner? I certainly couldn’t bury it again in the sand; its beauty would go unappreciated. I hesitated, then wrapped it around my wrist, looping the toggle clasp. I turned my wrist over to take in its brilliance. The large, oval, yellow center stone, set east to west, was surrounded by smaller, light green rectangular stones and pale blue circular stones held in place by delicate filigree. Just before the thick silver links sat a square, bluish, iridescent stone on each side.

Once it was on my wrist, I didn’t want to take it off. Ever. The colors matched practically everything I wore. I’d never felt so strongly about a material thing. I had always been drawn to gemstones. Giddy with my find, I promised to diligently watch for anyone searching for something lost in the sand. If by the end of the day, I didn’t find its rightful owner, it would be officially mine.

At dusk, we reluctantly agreed to pack up and head home. Elyse commented in the truck about my new bracelet, and everyone agreed what a cool find it was.

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About the Author
I live in Michigan with my husband, our two sons, daughter-on-the-way, and huge adopted dog. We've lived in three cities within this beautiful state and have visited many of the places mentioned in the Bestowed Ones' series. One of the most adventurous things I've done is horseback ride across the state on the Lake to Lake trail. I love traveling, giving back to the community, and taking on all forms of creative projects.

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