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Sunday, October 22, 2017

It's Pom Pom Party Time! With #Tryazon and #Boye

We were so lucky to be picked by  @Tryazon and  @Boye  @pompomparty to host a Pom Pom Party!! 

It all started a few days ago when we opened the box and could not believe what we had been sent to help us have a great party

This is a Pom Pom and Tassel making machine. It was so much fun to use,

Here we are getting ideas on what we could make.

Sissy was very excited to get her own crochet bag, She has been helping her Mom and Aunt Vicky when they make crocheted towels.

We made Pom Poms and they came out just right. With the tool you can make any size you want.

and we made Tassels    here is one 
This is what the Pom Pom looks like when you are making it


We also got some other great ideas to try

Thank you so much #Tryazon and #Boye for a great party 

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