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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tadpole Science Project

Mommy's little sister Auntie Icky http://dealsharingaunt.blogspot.com went to her friend's  house who had a pond with a lot of tadpoles in it. She decided to bring some back and let Bobo and Sissy put them in a fish tank and watch them transform. Then we will let them put them into Nana's koi fish pond, because they will live there very happily. Auntie Icky and Mommy checked at Cabela's store in East Hartford to see the best way to do this. They have huge trout and other fish there. We will post the pictures as soon as possible.

 We had a lot of fun while were there looking at all of the stuffed animals, a real airplane and more. They have a really cool robotic camper who talks about the history of hunting in Connecticut. There is a huge rocky mountain in the middle of the store which has trees, foliage and cliffs. There are goats and more shown in their natural state.
   There are bears trying to get at a bee hive and other bears fighting. These are breathtaking up close and actually scared some kids. This is a great trip when you are learning about animals and where they live. Of course, what would a trip be without a stop at the General Store inside to buy some homemade fudge?

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