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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Dream Series by James DiBenedetto A Must Read Series

   What words could I use to describe this series !!!! There are probably not very many that would do this series the justice that it deserves. Rarely do you start a series that you cannot keep waiting for the next book to come out. This is that kind of series. Once you read the first you just want to go on to the next and the next without any break in between.
   This is a series of books about a girl named Sara. The first book in the series is Dream Student, Book One where we first meet a  student named  Sara, who has begun to have terrifying dreams and or nightmares. These nightmares are horrible because they are about people she knows. Her best friend Beth, is trying to help her get through this but she is having a hard time. She meets a man who will be her husband, Brian and he is trying to help her, too. They are scared for her and try to help her so that she can get through this without getting killed in the process.
    The second book in the Dream Series is Dream Doctor Book Two, here we find Sara waiting to get married to Brian and then to go to medical school. She starts to have her dreams again and she and Brian must race to find out who she is dreaming about and why, before she ruins her marriage and she possibly loses her life.
   The third book in the Dream Series is Dream Child Book Three. Sara is now a doctor who has a daughter, Lizzie who is 3 years old. We meet up with Sara when she is confirming a second pregnancy with her doctor. What she finds out, and never suspected is that she is having twins. She has realized that Lizzie can also have dreams like her.  They all must work together to solve Lizzie's dream.
  The fourth book in the Dream Series is Dream Family Book Four. Sara's dreams have caught up with her and she finds herself in jail charged with a crime so could have done. In this book of the series we see Sara and Brian trying to save their family.
  What a thrill these books are. I give them all a 5/5 and I wish I could go higher. I was given these books to read by the author but all opinions are 100% my own.

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