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Thursday, September 1, 2011


I have really been trying to figure out how to restock my refrigerator and my freezer the cheapest way. So what I have been doing is reading the ads and going store to store. We went to BJs Club Warehouse and bought big tubs of cream cheese , and fresh muffins. We also bought garlic , onions ,bananas and more. We went home and separated it for each house just like we did the tomatoes and peppers we picked. We are going to go to our local produce stand and divide all of those up also. It is usually almost always cheaper to buy in bulk. If you do not have a large family or people to share with it probably will not save you any money. Tomorrow BIG Y starts their weekly ad and it is buy 1 get 2 free. I will certainly be getting a lot there. SHOP RITE has an ad until Saturday and they have Black Bear Hot Dogs in a 3 pound box for $6.99. I'll buy these separate them and freeze wrapped separately.

Have to make sure I have lots of freezer bags and plastic wrap.

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  1. I'm so sorry you lost your freezer contents! Some home owners policies do cover food loss for these kinds of events so please check into that! We lost power here in Virginia for 38 hours and that seemed like forever. We got the winds and you guys got most of the rain :(

    I'm here from Good Friends blog hop. Please stop by to see me sometime soon!