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Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Wow, I have had a couple of busy days. My daughter ran for office yesterday , did not win but I am very proud that she even tried. It was so hot that we decided to get CEASARS PIZZA. Ready whenever you are and just $5.00. Can't beat that price ! Today Mommy decided to go to Big Y . They had steaks on sale with a silver coin. Mommy got 5 steaks for $12.00. I was so glad so we could try to restock some of the FREEZER after Hurricane Irene. They also had butter on sale for $3.00 and you can print out Big Y coupons on their web site. Makes it $2.00 a pound and freezes well. We went to a vegetable stand today and got quite a few items. We love to buy in bulk and spilt to spilt it up among the families.
The other day I was going to be home all day Sunday so I decided to cook chicken in the crockpot. I put drumsticks in coated with honey barbeque sauce. Then I cut up into 4 pieces 2 gala apples that Mommy , Bobo, Sissy, Daddy, Aunt and Uncle LaLa picked. when the apples cooked they blew off the skins and the apples became like applesauce. I love the fall, apples , pumpkins and wonderful smells of cooking again because the days and nights are cooler.

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