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Sunday, September 4, 2011


About 5 years ago when Nana (me) was on the Board of Education in our town we kept on discussing and coming back again and again to this very question. There was a meeting where many many students and parents came to voice their opposition.

Well, this year after all these years of discussion it has finally come to fruition. I always understood the reluctance of some to give up wearing their own choices ,who believe that this is a way to show their own identity, but of more importance I believe is the fact that school work is more important than a fashion show. What some do not understand until they participate is that it is a lot cheaper to cloth a child with uniforms then it is to have to have different cloths each day.

When a child wears uniforms you need probably 5 shirts, 3 or 4 pairs of pants and or skirts if a girl. Someone may think that because the shirts might be about 20 dollars each that you were not going to be able to afford this. It equals out to be about $250.00 for the whole year. There is no way that I know of that I would be able to use only this amount for a whole school year

The students all look similar, and there is no peer pressure because of the cloths. They are able to concentrate on their schooling. I totally believe that uniforms are a great idea for our children. I would hope that all schools entertain the idea .


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  3. To be quite honest, I think uniforms would be cheaper for parents! School uniforms are modestly priced. It doesn't stifle creativity --- it just forces them to express their taste in clothing at home. I'd support a casual Friday occasionally where they could wear other clothes as a compromise.

    But I look at 8 dollar pants and 5 dollar shirts and think, wow. Parents with kids in parochial schools have it made with BTS shopping!