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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Our Whole Day of Making Homemade Italian Sauce, Meatballs and Sausage


 Oh my Gosh !  Mommy and I are so tired we can hardly stand up!  Daddy went to the store to buy hamburger that was on sale, but he went a little overboard. Sometimes Mommy would makes 2 huge pots of homemade sauce and then she freezes it in containers so that when she wanted it she could just defrost it. 
  He actually bought 6 packages about 5 pounds each. This morning we got to work!  Chopped onions, garlic and then put in the tomato paste, and cheese we just grated. Then we made meatsauce . We were able to make 3 big sauce pans.  I,  Nana was in charge of making meatballs. I rolled over 30 of them. I had also bought 2 packages of fresh Italian sweet sausage. The house smelled unbelievable. We froze 11 containers. Some were just with meat, some with meat and meatballs , and some had sausage. We took about 20 meatballs divided in half , then we put sauce When we had a break, haha, Mommy and I sat down and figured out that each container is one meal.The cost came out a little over $4.00 each. This is a real frugal and time saving way to have a healthy quick dinner.  This will be especially wonderful when we get to use  these after a day trip or a school day.

I will post pictures tomorrow.  Now we have to wrap the rest of the hamburger for tacos, chile, and meatloaf. I feel myself getting tired just thinking about it!!

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