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Friday, June 28, 2013

Our Tag Sale Furniture for Our Homeschooling !!!

As I wrote earlier we went to a tag sale last Saturday and these are a few of our finds before we paint them. This is the beautiful desk we found for Sissy for $12. It is a light pink and if  anyone knows Sissy  they know  it has to be bubblegum pink!
I can't wait to see it finished !!
This is a picture of a gorgeous shelf unit. It has 2 doors and two beautiful shelves inside. We are not sure if we will paint it white or where we are going to use it, but we fell in love with it for $4.
I love it more every time I look at it.
This is the bookcase on wheels that we got for $5.
It is a little blurry. We are going to paint it white and be able to wheel it out when we need it and roll out of the way when are finished.
This is a picture of a small bench big enough for 2 that we are going to put in the foyer. You cannot see it but if you look close on the upper right you can see a pole. This actually has hooks at the top for coats.  Another find at $4.
If you look at the top left  corner you can see a deacons bench with storage that was $5.
This is a child's desk. We are pretty sure it will be Bobo's.
Bobo has about 3 desks to choose from. Daddy's or Mommy's when they were in school or this one. We'll let you know his choice, but who could pass this up for $4.?
We cannot believe all of the furniture we were able to find!  We cannot wait until we have painted them and they are all ready to be used.  Nana

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